Career Talk: Foundation Matter




Have you ever studied the work of a Mason or Bricklayer? Personally, I have not studiously taken note of their work, but I can say that whenever I see where a house is being built, there are two things I have noticed.

When the foundation of the house is being put together, it is not done in a day. [Disclaimer: I took note of this, back home in Nigeria, I have no idea how it works anywhere else]. I know the foundation building takes a longer time. Also, there are a lot of bricks and concretes that are used for the foundation building. You cannot expect to just make use of ten bags of cement for the building of a mansion, and the bigger the building that is envisioned, the more materials used for the foundation.

It is not a nouveau point knowing that the foundation of a thing really matters. Personally, I believe the foundation of a thing is very influential in the existence of a thing/experience. This is applicable in every sphere of a person’s life- physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially etc.

But today’s post will be focusing more on career and ambition wise. Continue reading