Fall in love again….

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

Dearest Precious Thinkers!

Let me start this post by saying: May God forgive us for every time we have procrastinated in working on an idea that has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. Amen. There were times when I got into a state of uneasiness when I had a post brewing in my mind and I had not put it up and then I get to see something similar somewhere else. But I am grateful that in the journey of blogging I’ve come to realise that This thing I do is no competition. All thanks to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is one. Ephesians 4:6. So when that feeling of uneasiness tries to raise its ugly head, I tell it to flee, This is just a confirmation! Also, most times, when I have not put the post up, there are other experiences of affirmation that take place, that is indeed necessary in the construction of such post. So in other words, whichever way it goes, it works together for good. But I have to stress that,  this isn’t an allowance for sheer laziness, disobedience and procrastination.

So why such an introduction?

Today’s post has been a long one coming, but a lot of things got in the way that humanly thinking I felt I should have put this post up before now, but the past few days have made me realise that this timing is perfect. You see nothing that happens to us takes God by surprise….*pinches self* …*don’t digress Chinomnso, stick to today’s post*

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