WHAT HE SAID: Do You Trust Jesus?

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Hello from the other side!

So I am in such high spirits today, I was practically dancing and singing at work . So I asked myself, what shall I blog about today?

Aha! I remember; I told my friend, ‘Helen’, that I have a post that I will dedicate to her, so I guess today is the day I get to upload the post. You’ll find out why I am dedicating this post to her, at the end of the post. Fair or not?

Few weeks ago, [that moment when I use the word ‘weeks’ in place of months] I went for a singles seminar with my young adult fam from my kingdom fam, and it was one of those ones where the speaker’s name was not quite familiar to me. I mistook him for Gary Chapman.  However, I was open to going to listen to him, but I decided that I was not going to buy any of his materials till I heard him speak. Well, a girl has learnt to be very cautious of what she invests in, and who invests in her, through what she listens to.  Continue reading

Gentle Whisper vs. Earthquake/Fire/Wind

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Hi! Hi!!

It’s been a minute on here, well that’s about to change, beginning today.

For the last two weeks, this post has been building up in my spirit. Not just building up in my spirit, but also convicting and transforming me, as well. And, I am certain that the following words will stir up a transformation, that can only be founded by a contact with the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Whenever the title of this post is seen at face value, the person that comes to mind is Elijah. Reference is his experience in 1 kings 19 v 1-18 [Please read for personal rhema]. His experience is viewed more of in the context of hearing God speak and being sensitive to the various ways He can speak to us. But there’s more that the Holy Spirit is teaching me about a different context of the gentle whisper, the earthquake, the fire and the wind. Continue reading

Child, Put On Your Robe!

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I have read the story of the prodigal son many times, and different things stood out to me. I believe this story just reveals to us how God’s love is constant, not dependent on our frailties.

At different times in our lives, we take the ‘prodigal’ path, and when we decide to retrace our steps, we feel we have to be servants before we become heirs, again. But that’s the amazing thing about our Father’s love and grace, it does not have to be like that. He is ready when we are ready to come home. Continue reading

How Powerful Is Your Antivirus?

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Not powerful, in any way!

Just few minutes before I started typing out this post, I got an alert that my antivirus will expire in 5days. I believe it is no coincidence that I have been pondering on this post, and I got that alert like a confirmation of the connotative meaning of today’s post. Shout out to the Holy Spirit, always on point!

Like I said, the antivirus on my laptop is not in its most potent state, not sure it ever was. I won’t mention the brand, but I will definitely be making a change in the days to come. But you know we are not here to discuss which antivirus suits my laptop, or which is the best.  Continue reading

Dear PT, What Are You Choosing?

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Let’s take this as a different form of the Wisdom Nuggets, that was supposed to be here in place of today’s post. I am very sure it will more than suffice.

I am just here to remind you of some important things that we forget. Rightly put, we may choose to forget. Honestly speaking, I can say that I have chosen to forget that instead of sadness, I can choose joy; that instead of bitterness, I can choose love/kindness; perseverance over quitting; patience over instant gratification….

I can choose these things but sometimes I choose to forget not to choose, because it’s the easiest path to take. They require little or nothing from me, at the same time, they do the worst damage ever. Continue reading


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Have you ever imagined what and how you would have expressed your love for God if you were the Israelites, who God parted the Red sea for; or if you were David, who God delivered from the many woes of his enemies?

Well, imagine no more! We don’t have to be the Isrealites or David, in order to express our gratitude or love to God. And we definitely do not have to use the same words of David and the Isrealites, we will use ours.

Yesterday, while I was studying Psalm 136, the Holy Spirit dropped this idea: How about remixing psalm 136? How about making it personal? The words of the Psalmist are very relatable, if I can say so myself. But today’s post will be an attempt to go an extra mile, and voice out reasons and evidences why I know God’s love never quits. Continue reading