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I really do not know how to start this post, but I guess I am typing up a post now, so that’s a start. Almost four months after.

I owe you an explanation. Let’s get into the post of the day, and the explanation will follow the post.

The day I received a notification of Tosin Alabi’s vlog of this post in my email, [], I marked it down, as one post that I’ll definitely be sharing on here, with my own experience and thoughts. I think it’s the best ice breaker blogpost to get things fired up.

There are ten questions to be answered:

When did you give your life to Christ?

I gave my life to Christ in June/July 2008, definitely year 2008. I don’t know the specific day of the month. I was born into a christian home, knew about Christ legally, but I believe I mustered a personal relationship with Christ from 2008. It became a conscious and intentional walk, not a ‘feed off’.

How did your family receive your conversion?

Like I mentioned earlier, I was born into a christian home, and I never really vocalized that I had given my life to Christ. It was more of a heart transformation for me, where I decided choose the entirety of Christ and not just the parts of Him that I loved.

When is your favourite time to fellowship with God?

I think it’s best to say in the very early hours of the morning. However, I still love my night-time fellowship too. But, morning time gets to be my favourite time to fellowship. I love the stillness of the early hours of the day.

How often do you pray?

Truthfully, I do not count how often I pray. Because as I go about my day, I try to stay connected, so I find myself praying about different things at different moments.

What is your favourite book or books of the bible?

My favourite books of the bible are; book of Esther [I love the lessons that are easily transferable to the life of a woman living for God in this generation], 1 & 2 Chronicles and the book of Romans.

What church do you attend?

I am a member of Christian Centre Church, Toronto, Canada.

How would you describe your relationship with God?

Priceless and Evolving with no end in sight. I say priceless because I know my relationship with God is the essence of my existence, yet I cannot measure it.

Evolving with no end in sight, because everyday I wake up, I get to experience God in a way that is different from my experience the previous day, even though He is still the same God as yesterday.

What challenge/challenges have you faced on your walk with God?

Two challenges I have faced, are Self righteousness and work. Self righteousness was a challenge because it prevented me from being a reflection of Christ to those He brought my way. Work, because I felt I needed to do something to earn the love of God or blessings of God, thereby resulting in having a distorted view of who God is.

What are your spiritual goals?

I will love to operate in more spiritual gifts. Also, I will love to walk in boldness with the revelation of who God has called me to be. I want to be able to forfeit hours of sleep at night to just tarry in prayer.

Advice for a new convert!

Enjoy the process that comes with the reformation in salvation. It is very easy to come to Christ and expect an immediate change of your life of sin. That is not the truth, neither is it the reality. As a new convert, it is best to keep this truth [Christ loves me now and tomorrow] very close to your heart, as you go through the journey of falling and standing up, while Christ is formed in you daily. Do not choose to covet the relationship bro or sis A has with the Lord, that you end up pretending to please the Lord. If anyone should know the flaws, let it be God. God loves who you are, and not who you pretend to be.

Perfection [maturity in Christ] is possible, but you have to take the stairs. No elevators or else, you crash.

Now you get to pick one of the questions, and answer in the comments’ section.

I have not blogged for the past four months because life took a different direction and opened up other areas of life that needed my attention, and I was not the best at balancing it all. So now, it’s time to do this better. This year was not the year of blogging as I would have loved it to be. However, I will start with putting up a post every Thursday, and take it from there.

I do apologize for staying silent this long.

Got questions/suggestions:

Princess Okechukwu!

2 thoughts on “Believers Tag [Christian Journey Tag]

  1. “It is very easy to come to Christ and expect an immediate change of your life of sin”

    I struggled with this as a new christian. But i realize that as you just spend time with God, that need to “rush” it silently fades away…

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