Time to say it!!

Oh Well! the weekend has done its job [gone speedily as usual] *sighs*. Hope you had a great weekend? and you are having great expectations for the week…..So I think it’s time we know what ‘Precious Thoughts’ mission statement is. This is it:

                 To encourage, motivate and empower everyone to be an instrument of positive change.

HOW do we achieve this: there will be different segments to the blog, which will comprise of-motivational/inspiring notes, life enrichment [sharing the word of God], Politics and critical interaction…these are the segments for now. As expected, with time, changes are going to take place in the form of ‘addition’.
Also please I urge you to leave your comments below-questions, suggestions and feedback on your general opinion about the blog[all opinions will be appreciated]

Have a lovely monday and week ahead.

P.S a new post coming…..5,4,3,2,1..

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