Good news all round!!

Yeah! it’s a massive ‘thank you’ from me to you for the efforts you’ve made to promote ‘Precious Thoughts’ by viewing the posts, commenting and sharing them. ‘Precious Thoughts’ has had 657 pageviews and 8 comments so far, that’s some good news[Yay!]. It just goes to show how wonderful you all are, I know we are going to do more and more and more by making our suggestions known, sharing, promoting and leaving comments as well. ‘Precious Thoughts’ is for you and me, to encourage and be encouraged, to empower and be empowered. It’s a breath of fresh air for the mind and I know you love it and you will be extending it to your friends, family, school and work colleagues and everyone. So please visit: Also, look out for the next post- ‘La Vie’… So as you go about your daily activities, remember that as your eyes waits upon the Lord, He will give you, ‘your meat’ in due season. [Ps 145:15]Shalom!

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