Keep Calm and be thankful…

Wow! *in shock* words cannot be construed to express my shock on how this year has gone so fast. Here I was thinking speed of light was fast, until I met months of the year[Oh well! I had to exaggerate] it is that fast. But I am thankful to see this month and I am sure you are too. You ask thankful for what? thankful for Life- Life is the mother of all blessings. Without life, there won’t be ‘a beating heart’ thankful for family, friends, health, love, peace of mind, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom and YOU. We may not have all what we sought for, from the beginning of the year, but trust me, if we think deeply; we will see that there are so many things we never sought for this year but they are ours or some impromptu goals were accomplished. There’s always something to be thankful . Let’s make thanksgiving an attitude and not an ‘event’, for the rest of our lives. Have a blessed month of December!

 As we journey through the last days of 2013, we will have reasons to rejoice, in Jesus’ name.Amen.

I am thankful for——–    Let us know by leaving a comment!

We also sympathize with the families and friends of those who have lost someone this year, we pray that the Lord will give you the fortitude to carry on and celebrate the life that he/she lived. Amen!

5 thoughts on “Keep Calm and be thankful…

  1. Your Mama. says:

    I am so appreciative Lord, another life to live to your glory. Thanksgiving will never cease in my mouth. Thank you father for sparing our lives


  2. Anonymous says:

    yes! yes! yes! this month is special to me, just thanking God that am alive and healthy to celebrate it, is the month God sent me to one of his beautiful planets to do exploits am really grateful.


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