Let’s Talk: Night Hag- Medical or Supernatural?

Hello! How’s your weekend going? Doing something exciting?[they are not rhetorical questions, you know. I’m really interested]. 
So today’s post is one that I choose to keep my opinion aside and learn from you. It’s from a ‘Priceless Thinker’. So as you read, I’m sure you’ll be enlightened with the context. Please share your opinions, as our Priceless Thinker will really appreciate them. Thanks. Enjoy!

It has happened to me several times in the past, waking up in the middle of the night even during some afternoon siestas, just felt like some strange invisible force was holding me down, stiff hands and legs, a kind of heavy object pressing me down on my bed, struggling to talk and breath etc. 

Some say it is a demonic attack, quite a number of people I know say they have experienced it before. All these years, I believed that it was a demonic attack. Only recently, I came across an article that talked about this horrendous experience, referring to it as a kind of sleeping disorder.

This made me have a rethink of my initial belief, could it be that I was a bit superstitious about it or was I right about my belief? Was it a demonic attack? Anyways, below is an excerpt of the article I read recently.  
 Sleep paralysis can be attributed in most instances to something called a “Night Hag,” or a waking dream. Most people will suffer from at least one incident in their lives. During deep sleep, the body dreams. It is a natural way for the mind to replenish itself from the rigors of constant activity. 
Parts of the mind shut down and allow the cells to rest. Other parts of the mind continue to function and it is at these times we dream. Sometimes the dreams are pleasant memories, fantastic visions and dreams capes. Sometimes they are nightmares, terrors or the “Night Hag.”
During dreaming the mind shuts down the systems that allow the body to move. This is a function that protects a person from harming themselves while they dream. When this defense system fails various sleep disorders become apparent. Sleep walking is a very common disorder. Some people will repeatedly beat their heads or other body parts against walls or the floor. Involuntary movements are common sleep disorders.
During a “night hag” the system that paralyzes your body is still functioning. However, for reasons not yet understood a person will awaken and be absolutely alert to their surroundings. This inability to move can be very frightening and since the person is aware of being awake most will tend to attribute this to some demonic or supernatural phenomena. The person is actually still dreaming and is in the middle of one of the most terrifying nightmares they will ever have. People have reported footsteps in the hallway and an impending sense of doom. Figures at the foot of the bed who touch and grab at them. Some have speculated that “Night Hags” are the origin of alien abduction phenomena.

It is worth noting that people who have experienced “Night Hags” are adamant in their belief that what they experienced was real and not just a dream. Who is to say unless you experience it yourself.

So guys I believe some of you or your friends, or relatives [or you may know someone that knows someone] who may have experienced this scary thing called “Night Hag” or may have read about it and all. Let’s read your view about it, do you think it is a supernatural or medical issue? If you have experienced it, please share your experience, how did you deal with it?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Night Hag- Medical or Supernatural?

  1. Yusuf says:

    Well I know of this as 'sleep walking' where a person in most instances takes a walk without even knowing. But what I find curious is that a sleep walker hardly does anything productive in the process e.g writing. As a layman I think there's nothing supernatural about it but probably its a medical issue to do with the nervous system.


  2. Anonymous says:

    i think i believe more that Night hag could be supernatural, i have experienced it couple of times, but the one that really scared me was in 2008 when i was doing my one year internship program at osun state in nigeria, that night i felt something was at my back this time around i was very sure that what ever it was got hands and legs because i felt it on my back,something like when you are caring somebody at your back, i tried standing up many times i couldn't, even to shout, i wanted to call the name of jesus, but the name wasn't coming out from my mouth so i decided to be saying it within my heart, at a point i lost breath, i made up my mind that am gonna stand up and put on the light i struggled and stretched my hand to the switch,although i couldn't stand erect but i managed to switch the light on, immediately i felt the thing leaving my back, honestly i didn't sleep again that night, so that's why i find it so difficult to sleep without any type of light around me, but there could be medical stuff about it,this is my experience and opinion about it


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