Who has the ‘liberty’ to ‘freedom’??

I am not ignorant of the developments taking place around the world, I try to keep up. From the new bill that was recently signed by President Goodluck Jonathan to the winner of the Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ehen! that guy is good oh. How do I know that? Well, since I was lil’ girl, his name was the first I heard about when it came to footie [international], and till today, I am still hearing about him. Then I did small amebo research, and realised his number is 7, I was born on the 7th; that just sealed the deal. Ride on CR7!!! #Backtothematter#

However, there’s another ‘eye-catching’ news that has caught my eyes- Francois Hollande’s affair.

Francois Hollande is the current president of France, he has been the president since May 2012. Recently, a tabloid Closer printed a seven-page article on his affair with Juliet Gayet, an actress. This is really ‘rocking his boat’ at the moment. There have been people who have said “it is his private life and it’s nobody’s business” and trust there are other people who feel otherwise.”He’s a president for crying out loud, he should have known better” and all sorts. In the news two nights ago, a news reporter said that this act has affected his credibility, thereby loosing the trust of his people gradually. His approval rating has drastically dropped from the time he was elected to this present moment, I won’t say as a result of the affair though; and the French economy is weak with persistent high rates of unemployment. The list is almost inexhaustive!

On a lighter note…..lol

The president has only given remarks like-‘private matters should be dealt with privately’, ‘it is neither the time nor place to answer questions about his personal life’. Even when being pressurized by journalist yesterday in a news conference, he still kept schtum, maybe not schtum, but he definitely did not give the journalists what they wanted.

Basically, I am aware of ‘the right to privacy’, the right people in the spotlight, wish they could have absolutely. Unfortunately, they can’t, no matter how hard they try. I am also aware that there are certain standards/expectations that are attached to certain positions. But here’s the thing- why is it that when a celebrity/Doctor/Pastor/CEO/Senator/MP/Judge/House of Assembly member gets involved in something that is against the moral/societal values, eyebrows are raised, we hear statements like’he/she should not have done that’, ‘that’s just wrong’? But when an individual (not in the spotlight) ventures into such, no one bats an eyelid, we here the statements like-‘it is nobody’s business’?

Do not get me wrong, I am not justifying the actions of the President, neither am I saying: ‘Mr President, you should have known better’. I just guess there are certain people who are wondering why this disparity exists!
Yesterday, I read about a Pastor who was preaching in a Lagos bus. He said all sorts: ‘devil invented make up’, weave-on is from the marine world’, if you have pre-marital sex, you’ll burn in hell’…….Later, while he was laying hands and praying for people in the bus, two durex condoms fell out from his bible. The angry men who were feeling guilty due to his preaching, pounced on him. Then he started screaming: “I also preach safe sex, safe sex is good”……

In the above scenario, you might say that the reaction of the men is quite understandable considering how he [the pastor] voiced out his opinion and belief. In other words, he was not practicing what he was preaching.

But in a situation where a person has not preached, he/she just occupies a ‘spotlight position’, do you think a ‘misconduct’ should ruin the credibility of the person in the position? If the function of the position is being executed very well, will people still take notice of the misconduct(s)/ should people take notice of the the misconduct? Over to you!

2 thoughts on “Who has the ‘liberty’ to ‘freedom’??

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your character forms the foundation for your leadership. That being said no man is perfect rather we strive towards perfection. when we make mistakes along the way we must be responsible enough to acknowledge that we have made a mistake. But that should by no means be a parameter to judge us. We must strive to finish strong by leaving a lasting impact that will outlive us . Thats what rily matters.P.O


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