Can you give me a title??

How’s it going? You know that saying/quote-‘change is the only constant thing’ is one that I am certain will never lose its relevance in the sanctity of life. Why do I believe so? We will find out in a jiffy.

The past two years have been incredibly insightful and enlightening, I have to say. You know when Elisha prayed that the eyes of the servant be opened that he may see the chariots of fire surrounding the mountain, I so feel like that servant now.

I am proud today to say I’m a child of God, a born again Christian. Not by my powers though, because I am weak vessel guarded by the strength of Christ. So in my little journey down this route, I must say that I have realised that there are so many terms that have been originated to be associated with being born again. Like ‘I am very spiritual’ or ‘I am very religious’ and many more terms.
I will just be honest and plain in this post. I understand being born again as a spiritual transformation that entails surrendering the spirit, soul and body to your maker. Being born again is a long term process, it does not just occur once with no further action taken.

I live in a world where religion has taken the order of the day, where laws/rules are abounding when grace is supposed to super abound. So here are the few revelations I’ve come to know over the past two years [need I say I am still learning]:

  • Being born again does not have a fixed routine of qualification(apart from accepting Christ as your saviour): when Jesus was telling Nicodemus what being born again entails, He said ‘you have to be born of the water and spirit’. The spirit is likened to the wind in the bible which explains why being born again cannot have a fixed routine. Let me be concise. being born again does not mean you have to be a worker in church, attending all the church activities [i hear some ‘uuuuuuhhhhh did she just say that’ exclamations] Yes, I did. Working in the church is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. It becomes an issue when a person gets the notion that being a worker in church solidifies your standing with God, thereby securing a place in  Heaven. Or that as a worker in church, you are better than the members of the congregation. You remember the story of Mary and Martha and what Jesus told Martha when she complained in Luke 10:42. It’s safe to say that most of us have become Martha, getting so involved with the activities and not paying attention to what is needful. Don’t go thinking or saying that I said being a worker is bad, all I am saying is, if you have to serve in the church, do it with the right motive.
  • Being born again is not synonymous to self righteousness: personally, I equate self righteousness to sin really. Because self righteous is taking the place of God, and with self righteousness brings judgemental ‘sibling’. They are intertwined. A person that’s born again does not get bestowed with the right to judge. That Joey does not smoke, drink, steal or kill does not make Joey better than Mike that who does such. [not being judgemental is not a day’s lenient job] it takes the help of God to see a human being beyond the physical traits they portray. I know how hard it is because human beings are generally judgemental, you see a lady/guy doing something that you feel is not in line, like smoking or drinking, you just label the person as bad. Remember what Jesus said, He did not come for the healthy but for the sick; and if being born again entails living a Christ-like life, which Christ are we following? Because the Christ I read about and know, dined with the unsaved, reached out to them. May God help me [us] to get to this point.
  • Being born again does not mean you won’t fall or there are no stains: like I stated above, being born again is a process, you do not just give your life to Christ today and expect that the joy you derive from insulting people will just disappear just like that. Let’s be real, when you give your life to Christ, the devil is unhappy, therefore he has to make sure that your weaknesses are squared or even tripled. But basically, what happens when you give your life to Christ is that you can no longer dwell on your strength to overcome your flaws, so you wear the garment of God’s strength to overcome. Let me use myself as an example, before I gave my life to Christ, I used to tell lies, and I still told lies after sef, I cannot even assure you now that I did not tell lies two weeks ago, that will be telling another lie. I know this is one of my weaknesses, I took it to God in prayer. Last week, I realised that every time I knew within me I would have found an opportunity to tell a white/black/yellow [whatever colour] lie! I told the truth. I was amazed. But let me tell you what happened the next day, I was really happy with the new development, however, the next day, I told another lie. I asked for forgiveness and that was it. [still striving for an absolute truthful tongue, so help me God] and not abusing the grace of God as well [Romans 6:1-2] Remember what Proverbs 24:16 says about the righteous falling ‘seven’  times and rising. Yeah! So being born again does not mean you won’t fall, when you fall, rise because you are more than a conqueror.

I am aware of the  ‘Facebook appearance’ in our churches today. You know how we put up the best pictures on Facebook, that’s the same thing that occurs in church. No one talks about how as humans we are struggling with this or that, and are leaning on God’s help. It just feels like everyone who is in church is all-perfect like Christ with no blemish, which is not true.

So I am at that point where I just want to break free from religion, where I want to know my saviour
personally not just from what I hear from the preacher’s mouth, where I want to walk in grace and not laws and so many, so many other things are taking place. I know I am at a transient phase in my walk with God, and the freedom I have felt/feel in coming to the knowledge of the obvious but hidden truth is one that I cannot keep to myself any more, hence the reason for this post.

It is my desire that everyone that gets to read this post has an encounter with the father, and not get entangled with the perversion of religion but be Christ-like!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a pastor or an aspiring pastor, I just feel that knowledge which edifies should not be kept to one’s self. So tell me, what are the misconceptions of being born again, that you know about? and please give me a title…..

18 thoughts on “Can you give me a title??

  1. Title: MARY'S CHOICE.
    I have actually taken it from the post. You see, Mary's choice is the right one. What many of us do in Christaindom today is queueing behind MARTHA. Taking the very irrelevant things as MAJOR. Church activities, anniversaries, programs and whatnot placing less value on our personal relationship with God.

    Misconceptions: One misconception I can think of for now is that many of us think we are born again because we enjoy God's grace, He answers our prayers and all that, forgetting that God loves everyone even the unrepentant sinners. My point is there is a huge difference between God LOVING us and He being PLEASED with us. God is pleased with those who do his will but will always love everyone.


  2. Now that's a wonderful title 'Mary's choice'. Very true, the not so relevant things have taken priority. And I have to say that the misconception you've just stated is very deep. I am pondering on it at the moment. Thanks for your contribution!


  3. GAINING-TO-LOSE: Generally, when one is born again, there is a clear and formal transformation in both the Spiritual and material aspect, such that the Bible describes as, 'being translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of Light.

    I imagine a literal transfer of 'ownership title' from an old authority to a new and better Authority'. Here's a quick illustration with landed property for clearer picture, while ownership/title may change when a person buys a piece of land, the land remains where it is situated, with its God given resources. However, the fruits and resources of the land belongs to the new owner.

    OBSERVATION: 'Traditional' born again Christians and 'reserved born again Christians are not using their God given abilities, like super intelligent reasoning ability(1 Cor. 1:30), the type needed for inventions in our technologically driven society; ability to make money(Deu.8:18), the kind of money being thrown around by the tattoo carrying, satanic professing gay apologists; ability to appear smart and beautiful(1 Cor.6:20).

    God made it abundantly clear that ALL THINGS were made for MAN, including the gold and the diamonds. All treasures that can be discovered has been given to US. The man intended here refers to the renewed man, the Christ professing, Holy Ghost fire branding born again.


  4. Your Mama says:


    Few misconceptions being born are as follows:

    1. Being born again is being free from temptation.
    2. Feeling that you are blessed because of your righteousness.
    3. A born again needs not to fall sick.
    4. Being born again is not be shaken by circumstances or storms.
    5. As a born again the purpose for you must be sweet and pleasant at
    all times.
    6. Everything must be ice cream, no bitter kola.
    7. That all your desires must be granted by God.


  5. I am really loving your post, straight from the heart.
    We christian's put religion first than what being born again really means. It is having a personal relationship with God, because when you love him, you will give your self to him, and live only to please him.
    Just my little two cents, I think your topic should be (A relationship with God, I am Born again. Or With God, I am Reborn).
    Pls keep the faith strong, its not going to be an easy road, but its the yearning to please him and the relationship you have with him and can help you through along the way. God Bless 🙂


  6. Really love this, am blessed…can't say what title to pick out of the many options on my mind but I'll go for “THE GRACE OF A FINISHER”. As born again Christians, whether standing or struggling, what will determine and proof we are truly Christians is how we finish. Even great church leaders and General overseers don't have 100% guarantee of making Heaven. All we need is to cry out for the grace to stand and finish well.


  7. Interesting topic i must say, last year i made up my mind not to attach my self to one particular church for the rest of my life,i decided to listen to good spirit filled word of God from any man of God from any church,i found out that most christians are too religious they give more attention to their churches/pastors more than Jesus, a lot of discrimination, hatred,jealousy in the christian kingdom, some men of God stand on their altars and condemn another man of God because his own way of soul saving is different from theirs, parents from different denomination forbids their children from marrying somebody from another denomination yet they all claim they are christians, i think is time for anybody who is sincerely running this heavenly race to focus more on his/her relationship with God because at last i doubt if God almighty will judge us according the church we attended on earth.


  8. Your little two cent is more than a million dollars! You've even given different befitting titles. Thanks for your contribution, and I really appreciate your encouraging words. By His grace, we will make it to the end. God bless you!


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