HOPE-Hold on, Pain ends

Dearest Precious Thinkers,

I have to ask-how are you doing? and how has your week been? I am sure you did not get to have a week like mine. Yeah! I’ve had a very challenging week.

I’ve been battling with this ‘uncommon’ cold for the past 9days. I call it uncommon because I have never had a cold that knocked me off totally. At times like this, is when I wish I was a doctor really. I would like to know why having blocked nose has a knock off effect than having malaria [doctors in the house, please do justice!]. So basically, I’ve breathing with my mouth [covers face], and have a bloody nose due to constant blowing as well. I must confess, the cold has been intensely horrible to me.

To make matters worse, I went to the hospital and I was told that there’s nothing they could do, that I should allow the cold run its course [this is when I miss Nigeria] All the medications I’ve taken as a result of this cold can cure a nation, it’s that many. So at this point, I’ve just decided to rest well.

Also, my laptop’s hard drive died over the weekend. It’s out for repair at the moment. I did not want to put up this post earlier than now because (1) I did not have the strength (2)I did not want to bother you.

Hopefully, I will be hale and hearty by this weekend and my laptop should be fixed as well. And I should be blogging as normal from Monday.

So Precious Thinkers, remember where there is life, there’s hope. And what does not kill you makes you stronger.


Chinomnso Precious.

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