Ever seen the writing on the wall and ignored it?

Did I see the writing on the wall? Yes I did!

As usual, a day never goes by without a visit to this house. You ask which house? and before I give an appropriate answer, let me ask- Like who in this world can do without this daily visit? Well, I visited this house daily and if I never willingly wanted to, necessity made it compulsory at times. 

But at a point, any time I wanted to get into the house, I was greeted by a notice. This notice, I never adhered to, I gave it the courtesy of reading it [nonchalantly though] and making my way into the house. [Ain’t nobody got time for ‘unnecessary’ distractions] Well! So it appeared to be at that time. This notice was not there every time, it was there two times out of the seven times I visited.  

Unfortunately, this day came when I was to embark on my usual visit, I got to the entrance of the house, this ‘attention-seeking notice’ was there again. Whew! Trust my reaction, as usual, I just wanted to pass through to the house. At least, I’ve an idea of what this notice was all about. Not that I had attentively read the notice, I had just ‘fulfilled all righteousness’ by going through the words. But this time, I could not pass through into the house, the door was locked, the windows shut firmly and with the look of things no spare key was going to do justice. So I remembered the notice, and this time I read it with rapt attention.

I know you are wondering, what’s the house? what’s the notice? This girl which kind of long story is this? 

Here it is- the house is my laptop and the notice is the windows message that popped up intermittently whenever I turned on my laptop. The windows message informed me that windows had detected a problem and asked if I wanted to attempt repair or start normally [that’s the summary of the troubleshoot message]. I always chose the start normally, and it did start normally, till the Saturday when the final straw broke the Camel’s back, I could not even boot the system any more. My hard drive was dead. I have taken the laptop for repairs and it’s back, but I must say, it is not the same again [Sobs] But I’m sure it will stand for the time being, till I am done with my dissertation.

The notice at the house..

From this my long story, I just thought about Obedience, God and Us. When I go through the bible, there are numerous commandments that God has laid out for us to follow. Apart from the fact that it enhances a sweet fellowship with God, as obeying these precepts leads us in the path to please God and not just be loved by Him. These commandments are for our very own good. God created man, and he knows the beginning, middle and end of man. So this commandments are to enhance ‘togetherness’ with God and make things easier in a ‘not so easy world’ [though at the first sight of the commandments, it seems difficult].

As Children of God, We need to yearn to get to a level where we please God by obeying His words [amongst other things], not just the ones that are easy to adhere to. Let us take steps further to yield to the Spirit of God to war against those sins that easily beset us. The Spirit of God is always speaking to shine the light on the parts of our lives that need to be aligned to Christ, it is left for us to accept His grace, to consciously war against those things ‘we do not wish to do, but we find ourselves doing’. Be it lies, backbitting, adultery, fornication, murder, slander, time wasting, greed, disobedience and the list is endless.

No sin is too little….

Indeed, we serve a merciful God. But we cannot abuse His grace. The amazing thing about God is that He will always give us  ‘heads-up’ whenever we are doing things that displease Him or about to derail, however, the choice/will to listen is still left in our hands. I remember a powerful fellow in the bible, Samson. He was warned by God, his parents and [in a way] Delilah; about the future disaster. But he did not listen, and we know what befell him[Judges 16]. He had the second chance to destroy his tormentors but he did not live to see their death, he went with them.

Back to my laptop story, the laptop has changed [not in a positive way]. Was I warned? Yes! Did I listen? No. I hope this post stirs up the necessary conviction that our spirits require. May God help us. Amen!

Please remember to share and bless me with your comments as well…..

Also this post is not to condemn anyone, but to encourage us all….If you missed my last post, here’s the link for it:  http://pricelessthinking.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/where-is-your-sl-at-lowaveragehigh.html

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