Are ‘we’ supposed to be ‘the judge’ over ‘them’??

“This Pizzahut delivery man cannot get away with this…..”

There are certain routines you’ve got to love.Errrmmm I mean ‘harmless routines. Munching Pizza for dinner on Fridays is my lil’ cousin’s routine. You cannot get away with not giving him; his favourite peperoni with extra cheese pizza, on a Friday evening. Well! I have no issue with the routine, at all. An experience ensued from this routine I witnessed every Friday [then].

Oh Yeah! The delivery man. I will refer to him as PHDM [Pizzahut delivery man]. Every Friday, when the £10.98 pizza is ordered, it gets delivered in 30 minutes. So the first time I had to pay for the pizza on delivery, he said the pizza was £11. I didn’t have an issue with that. Until, it happened three more times subsequently. Then, I hatched a plan for the next Friday. I was so ready to deal with this PHDM. So, the next Friday, I ordered the pizza, made sure I heard the cost correctly over the phone, and emptied my purse. I looked for every penny that was lying around the house to make up £10.98 exactly, no addition.

As usual, he arrived with the pizza, he said £11, and I responded: ‘Sorry. isn’t it £10.98?’ That’s what I heard over the phone. I gave him the ‘put together 98p’ and a £10 note. Yes! I did it-that was the first thing, that I muttered within. Few seconds after, I have to say, it was a different feeling entirely. The contentment I sought from accomplishing my well-hatched plan was nowhere to be found. I felt really bad. So I thought hard, and the counsellor [The Holy Spirit] made me realise that I had taken it upon myself to judge the PHDM, and decided to take action following suit.

You know, all I felt at those moments were- ‘this man is so dishonest and I don’t like it’, ‘why can’t he just say £10.98 and I will give him £11, out of my own freewill?’. To say the least of all the thoughts.

It took a ‘trivial’ experience as such to learn Luke 6:37 [I’m still in love with the MSG version]: ‘Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticise their faults- unless, of course, you want the same treatment. Don’t condemn those who are down, that hardness can boomerang. Be easy on people, you’ll find life a lot easier…..’

I must say it takes the help of the helper to be able to practice Luke 6:37, it is very possible to be; non-judgemental, not pick on the faults/failures of people or criticise their faults. But it takes conscious acknowledgement  to leave the judging to God and not take His place. I know we, humans, somehow get some satisfaction from being able to identify the faults and failures in other people. And we feel it’s our place to correct, ‘straighten the crooked behaviour’. Luke 6:37 has said it all, if you will like someone else to mete such treatment on you [which I know no one likes], then you can carry on [disobedience to God’s word- not advisable].

So my lovelies, in this race that is set before us, let us seek to live a non-judgemental life. Let us seek to see the good in people despite their faults [everyone has got one], we will see life will get a whole lot easier. Personally, I make this a prayer point daily. Being judgemental/ critical can destroy relationships and most of all- we can’t be totally  used by God perfectly. Remember we are to work towards becoming like Christ, and Christ was not judgemental, the more reason why He loves us all.

I have a question- how does Luke 6: 37 correlate with judges and lawyers? what are your thoughts? anything wrong with their positions; considering the ‘thou shall not judge….’ commandment? Please, let’s get talking.

P.S I have submitted my dissertation, I thank God for seeing me through. I also want to thank you for your patience. I am back, and it sure feels good. Also, some good news- I am working on starting vlogs soon. I will keep you posted. xx

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