What if you never get ‘that’ opportunity again?

….Katie thought to herself; ‘Now, that’s bold!’…..

It was a regular weekday morning for Katie. She had  gotten used to catching two buses to and from work. If there was anything that Katie was well known for, it is her punctuality. There had been times when her friends had said to her that ‘she was too punctual for comfort’. They say this, to hide in their unconcerned habit of not keeping to time.
Katie took punctuality to a next level this morning and left home for work, fifteen minutes earlier than her usual time. She wasn’t aware of the time her bus will arrive this day, since it wasn’t her usual departure time. However, the bus arrived just as she walked to the bus stop. 
She got on the second bus, and she was amazed at the unoccupied seats in the bus. For an early morning, that was unusual. She sat down, did her general scan of the faces on board. This scan had become a habit, since her interest in drama series that involved the investigation and apprehension of psychopaths. The scan of the faces was a way she assured herself that, she was indeed learning something from her new found interest. Not that the facial scan can ever accurately depict the next actions of a person. Katie thought otherwise, anyway.
But there was one person that she kept her gaze on. Thankfully, this lady sat facing the North, while Katie sat facing the West behind her, at the other side of the bus. So, it was so easy for Katie to keep up with the stare without being caught.
She was staring at this lady because she had brought out a bible from her bag and was reading. Not a bible App on the phone. A hard copy bible.  Katie thought to herself; ‘Now, that’s bold!’.
And Katie just had that feeling, that she was supposed to meet this lady. Talk to her. Shake her hand, and gleefully say ‘I’m proud of you, Miss!’. Well! this was just going on in Katie’s mind. But something else followed…
This lady that Katie had praised within, had a facial expression that spelt ‘ All isn’t well, but God I trust you’. Katie could see this ‘bold’ lady holding the tears from dropping. Katie had a prompting: ‘Go talk to her, I will put my words in your mouth’
Katie laughed within. No I didn’t just hear that voice. And all she could think of, was- ‘What if she shuns me?’ ‘the fact that she has a bible doesn’t mean she will give me face’, ‘this is a public transport, what if she flares up?’ and the questions increased by the millisecond.    
Then she decided to strike a deal with HIM. 
‘Let her get down at my bus stop and I will speak to her’. This unilateral deal didn’t prevent the prompting voice from speaking.
While Katie was still forcefully imposing the deal on HIM, the ‘bold’ lady got off the bus. And then it dawned on Katie, she had just been disobedient. In order to redeem the time, Katie asked that God create another opportunity to meet this lady, and she won’t negotiate any more. She will do as she was told. She also requested that He make it possible that she board the same bus the following days, and she will willingly leave fifteen minutes early, to meet up with that bus. 
As things turned out, Katie’s boss told her about the three days renovation that will be taking place the following days, therefore, she did not have to come to work for the rest of the week. 
No boarding of the bus. No leaving fifteen minutes early. No knowledge of when next Katie will see the ‘bold’ lady. All that’s left, is a heavy heart, that wishes to turn back the hands of time….

The concept of obedience is one that is very dear to the heart of God. Personally, I feel

God weeps when he ask us to do certain things, but we disobey because we do not trust him enough to carry out what he has commanded. The hearts that God can make use of, are not just pure and holy hearts; but hearts that are willing to obey him.

Abraham’s obedience is one that is very astonishing. His only son that he had waited for, God asked him to sacrifice; he did it because he trusted God enough to know that whatever he was commanding him to do, was good. It didn’t have to logically make sense. So long as He was making the demands, he (Abraham) was ready to do as he said. [Genesis 22]
I believe if we obey every time God speaks, there will be manifestation of the wonders of God. But we need to get to the point where we totally give ourselves away in trust in God, and not logically think things through, in order to see if this makes sense. God does not do logical thinking. In Corinthians 1:27, he says he chose foolish things to shame/confound the wise.
I can totally relate to the story of Katie, but I’ve come to the realisation that there is no time to allow disobedience or logical thinking to take the place of obedience. So I’m availing myself to be obedient to God even when it does not make sense, and I kindly urge you to do same. God help us all.
         “If you will be willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land”-                                                                             Isaiah 1:19
Have you had a personal experience that has taught you to obey the Lord? please share in the comments section
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