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Hello Fam!

It’s been a minute, but hopefully, t’is about to change.

As you may have thought/wondered- Yes! I am still adjusting to my new role amidst other factors, and I am figuring out a routine for blogging with the present change(s). I am getting there. Please be patient with me.

So how are you doing? I hope you are doing great, I genuinely want to know…


Whenever I meditate on the life of Christ, I believe today’s title: ‘Against all odds’ is a minute depiction of His life. In the sense that, life was not a bed of roses for Him. We read about His life and we are open to the expectations of the life we are to live on earth. This truth, we know; then why do we expect a life free of trials and challenges? Why do we seek comfort in the things that are not created to give us comfort on earth?

Where am I headed with this? Continue reading