Chilling Corner: Music meets Giveaway Riddle!

Put on your dancing shoes…

Yaaay! *moonwalks* Two readers are going to win a giveaway, but it’s a secret you’ll know more about below…So yeah! it’s Friday, how has your week been? Tell us about it, there’s love in sharing, remember?!

So a young Man named Darlington has gladly offered to put us in to the ‘chilling mood’ by giving us a wonderful, inspiring music to listen to. Let me give you the ‘low-down’ of the song: it’s a song you can listen to on-the-go, be it on your stereo in your car, on your phone on the bus, train, okada [bike], at home while you cook, shower, meditate,pray,chill; anywhere you go [pass MTN sef]. The lyrics of the song is powerful, the voice is mmm mmm mmm. Ok! Enough said, I will leave you to enjoy it. 

It is titled “Your Face” 

Click the below url to listen to the music: [streaming]

You can also download the music in the url below:

 This young artist is called Darlington by his family but is known as DLT on stage and by his fans. ‘Music is all I do and what I live for. Encouraging people with the gift/talent, God has given me is all I breath for. As we journey together you’ll get see more of DLT’[In his own words]. You can follow DLT on twitter-@musicaldlt. Please, it will be lovely of you to show your support and encourage him to keep up the good work.

Ghen!Ghen!! it’s the moment you’ve been looking forward to. The giveaway-it’s a movie that I can confidently say you’ll love and will love to watch again. The first two people who get the title correct, will get the opportunity to watch it. Here comes the riddle:

the answer consists of a word in this picture

  I’m a Nigerian movie, I can be categorized under the suspense and thriller genre.

 I am starred by an actor that won the ‘Best Lead Actor’ in the 2013 Nigerian Movie Awards, and an actress that won the ‘Best Actress in Leading Role’ in the 2006 African Movie Academy Awards. ‘I see Him’ by Frank Edwards as the background music. So who am I?

Ok! I will like to say that I am giving you my word [my word is my bond] on this movie, it is exceptional and different from the beginning to the end. I am aware that some ‘Nollywood Movies’ [Oh ok! let’s say 70%, be nice!] are seen in  the negative light. [Nollywood is going higher, say Amen Somebody!] *Crowd shouts Amen!* But be rest assured that this is part of 30%. It has a lovely inspiring, moral message to it.

So yeah! who are the two people, that will get the giveaway? The first two people to give the correct title in the ‘comments section’ with your email address and name. The winners will be announced by tomorrow afternoon. Have fun searching!!

            God loves you so much, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Always remember this.
                                                              Deuteronomy 31:8

P.S I guess you’ve had a busy week and did not get to see the other posts, please read the other trending posts, share and remember: we always love a comment!

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