Riddle Giveaway: Answer and Winners…

#grabs the microphone# Check 1,2,1,2…….Hope you are having a lovely weekend? So the answer to the giveaway riddle of yesterday is the movie-‘The Visitors’ starring O C Ukeje and Joke Silva, as stated ‘codedly’ in the riddle. Hence, the clue from the ‘Keep calm and visit Nigeria’ image. Visit being the clue.

So yeah, you are all winners. [But] no one got the riddle right, however, The first two people that made an attempt and left a comment will get the opportunity to enjoy the movie. They are:

  •             Chizu 
  •             Anonymous 10:56 [please send your name and email address to pradake16@gmail.com            or leave a comment with your name and address on the post: Chilling Corner]

‘The Visitors’ is a nice, inspirational movie that can be summed into these words: Don’t Give up, God is watching over you and will stop at nothing until He puts a smile on your face. I will recommend this movie to everyone including you[smiles], you will learn from it and will be encouraged. I am certain that the winners will enjoy the movie.

Also, I want to appreciate everyone that read the riddle and tried to figure it out but ‘almost got it’. Thank you and I hope when you get an opportunity to watch a movie, you’ll choose to watch ‘The Visitors’

Have a lovely weekend, please read other posts, leave a comment and share as well. Stay blessed!
P.S Look out for an interesting post on Monday….

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