Watch your end-of-the-year Attitude!!

Hello!Hello!! How was your weekend? and how was your Monday? Yes! I know I have some explanations to give for my silence of yesterday. You know I won’t deliberately choose not to put up a post, I had a presentation that took the whole of yesterday, hence, no post. I’m indeed sorry as well. 

At this point, I will also like to state that, I will be putting up posts thrice a week. The reason- I am currently working on my dissertation as well as course works, in order to manage my time effectively and succeed on all ‘fronts’. I’ve decided to put up posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; while for the weekends, it will be irregular. However, as I did not put a post up yesterday, this week will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thanks for your understanding! #Today’s post next# #Continuation on ‘Get into the rest area’#
Wow! it’s 7 days to Christmas and 13 days to year 2014.#Getexcited# 

Sometime ago, in one of my readings, I stumbled on a story of a young boy in Europe called James Owen. Many years ago, Owen told his coach how much he desired to become a great athlete. The coach gave him the four keys to stardom – Determination, Dedication, Attitude and Discipline.  
The young Owen began working with them. At 1923 Berlin Olympics, he got 4 gold medals and his records in long jump lasted 25 years unbroken. From the story, I deduced that he did not just have a goal like you or me had this year, but he applied himself to the vital keys for success.  #Focusingonattitude#

Attitude can simply be defined as the way you think and feel about something or somebody even when there are challenges. Without a positive attitude to your discovered purpose, your expectations become a waste because there are compulsory giants on your way to your goal [Promised Land].  
What you don’t believe in, does not produce for you. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…..” (Proverbs 23:7). Browsing further to verse 18 of Proverbs 23 [there’s surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off], so no matter how 2013 has been, you need to maintain a positive attitude (thinking) towards any desire (expectation) you are believing God for!  
Nehemiah was positive and bold in the face of danger (Nehemiah 6:11). Be the same! The battles of life will never cease. As long as your attitude is always positive, no battle will sink your ship of progress. Stay focused on positive words- “I can win”, I am an overcomer”, my end is peace”, “I can do all things”, Problems are temporary”, “I am destined to win”, “Lack is not my portion”, “I shall get there it is possible”, etc.  
Be positive towards life. You can be a star, brighter than your imagination can comprehend. Oh! pity the man who earns a million dollars, but is not a millionaire. What is pitiful is that his income grows but he does not. Your attitude (mindset) determines your altitude (progress). Arise within! Your best days are still ahead!

So what is your end-of-the-year attitude?

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2 thoughts on “Watch your end-of-the-year Attitude!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely spot, show me a man with the right attitude at the end the year, and i will show you a man ready to usher in the new year with testimonies. P.O


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