What next???

So let me steal this moment to wish you a blissful Christmas, and anticipate an amazing year 2014. So how did your Christmas celebration go? Did you leave any of the goodies for moi??

On my own part, I had an awesome time today. I helped in the preparation of the meal for the day and feasted as well. But I chose not to just focus on the merriment alone, I chose to reflect as well on the importance of the celebration. You see, setting aside time to celebrate the birth of Christ is a joyful and exceptional one, because personally, I know the indelible mark that the existence of Christ has made in my life.

The most acknowledged attitudes towards Christmas are exchanging gifts, family and loved ones reunion, feasting and celebration. All these mentioned attitudes can be related to God’s gift [Christ], because one thing that God gives is LOVE. So, the celebration of Christmas should be centered on showing love, but not just on the 25th but everyday. And whatever, we choose to do should be something that pleases the ‘reason’ for the ‘season’.

I just hope that we do not celebrate CHRISTmas without the appropriate knowledge of CHRIST. It is my desire that we strive to have a personal relationship with the ‘birthday boy’.


For sometime now, I’ve been juggling certain things as well as blogging [I hope to share all about that in the future], my main aim of starting this blogging is to make an impact, which I know is taking place [and will take place]. But at this moment, I will be taking sometime off to take care of somethings and will blog as soon as I can. Why am I giving this information? I just want you to know that I’m not backing down or abandoning this project, I will definitely continue. I knew a time like this will come, and my desire was to make a start  before this stage, in order not to find an excuse.

So while I am taking care of other things, feel free to make suggestions and enquiries: pradake16@gmail.com. Also you can read other posts on the blog and share with family and friends: http://www.pricelessthinking.blogspot.co.uk.
Also, ‘Precious Thoughts’ is very important to me, so taking out time is a strategy for great things to come! Watch out.

Be good! Be priceless!!

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