What are we testing?

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In this day and time, no one person wants to be less equipped for whatever endeavour that is sought to be achieved. Be it, career-wise, academics-wise, relationships-wise and so on. 

But I find it quite disturbing that all these ‘physical’ aspects are more attended to, than the key aspect- spiritual walk-wise. Okay! what’s my point?

So it’s no news that with the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, we are privileged to seek to have the spirit of discernment. And believe me, it is really needed now than ever before. If the bible never mentioned it, I would have paid a visit to God and asked to make a vital submission, that is intrinsically needed for the Christian walk and general living, really. Well! There’s no need imagining such/wishing such, the ‘all knowing’ delivered, as always.

In as much as, he has done His part, why is it still difficult for us to do ours? [please feel free to make your thoughts known in the comment section]

So 1 John 4:1 [MSG] says- My dear friends, don’t believe everything you hear. Carefully weigh and examine what people tell you. Not everyone who talks about God comes from God. There are a lot of lying preachers loose in the world. I don’t think any other translation could have simplified it any better for me. Testing the spirit is very crucial to the very existence of a man’s spiritual walk with God. I am a firm believer that the lack of ‘testing the spirit’ results in ‘avoidable bondage’

The only reason I can think of, for the decreasing request and application of the spirit of discernment is  ‘sheer laziness’. How? Let me explain: Brother A/Sister B goes to XYZ church. Pastor EFG has given countless prophecies about Brother A’s/Sister B’s family and career , and everything has manifested as he said it. Brother A/Sister B becomes comfortable with leaving all their affairs in the hands of Pastor EFG, and don’t see any reason to test whatever it is that Pastor EFG says, after all, it always comes to pass. Then, Pastor EFG becomes the new Holy spirit, Jesus and God. Why bother going directly to God, when Pastor EFG has the answers? 

This isn’t only experienced with the pastor and member cycle, it could be a spiritual confidant, prayer partner, tongue-speaking, devil-casting,vision-seeing brother/sister. But predominantly, it is the pastor and member cycle that occurs. 

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I may not be able to describe exactly how God felt when He said He will spit out lukewarm believers, but I think I can understand the underlying reasons behind such statement. This spirit to discern/test is one that a prophet in 1 kings 13 needed, and his story would have been different from what it was. It is funny [I don’t know if that’s the right word] how the person who told the (1st) prophet lies, was an old prophet too.

This testing of the spirit is not only a present-day ‘challenge’ for believers, it started a long time ago. 

If you remember the story of the slave girl and Paul in the bible in Acts 16:16-18, where the slave girl told the truth about who Paul and Silas were, but with a contrary spirit; she was psychic. This time the girl was not telling a lie, but still the contrariety was going to lead to confusion, and God is not an author of confusion, hence the casting out of the demon.

We need to test EVERY spirit, whether the truth is being said or not, let the spirit be TESTED.

I remember the case of the  ‘eat the grass and you will be closer to God’ congregation story, that took place early this year [January to be precise]. I won’t even bother analysing the event. But this one thing I know: nowhere in the bible did God say for you to draw near to me, you have to munch some grass. I stand to be corrected, if wrong!

A pastor/Elder/G.O/Priest is not God. We, Christians should gallantly test all spirits. When you become a child of God, you become a priest and have the power to communicate with God to know what He will do or have you do. Let us not make men and women who occupy certain spiritual positions, God over all our affairs. However, let us not disrespect them/the anointing that comes with their position either. There’s that balance, that needs to be attained.

Testing ALL spirits can prevent several nights of ‘binding and casting’ prayers or even worse outcomes like that of the prophet in 1 Kings 13. We need to ask God for the spirit of discernment, it is very important in this day and time. May God help us all. Amen!

OPEN SECRET-testing the spirit cannot be accomplished without the Holy Spirit and reading of the bible.

What other reasons do you think prevent Christians from testing the Spirit? If the Spirit is not being tested, what do you think is being tested now? 

P.S  I thank God for journey mercies with my moving. I moved to Canada safe and sound, and met my family in good health as well. It’s a new beginning for me. A fresh start. I’m gradually settling in, and I am optimistic of what tomorrow holds as God is in control of tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. 

6 thoughts on “What are we testing?

  1. Lack of knowledge, subservience, and sin are other factors which can and is able to form an impedance to “Spirit testing”. Let me explain:-

    Lack of knowledge, the scripture says is the reason people of God perish. Well, as every one should know, knowledge is diversified, so, in matters of this nature, we need both the intelligence and spiritual discernment of knowing when, where and how to test every spirit. Methinks, this is important.

    The second in my order of postulation is the human subservient attitude that is rather prevalent especially in the African traditional setting. There should be a clear distinction between respect (admiration) and worship (Adoration), however, there seem to be a thin line betwixt the two, and one of the aiding factors for switching easily is that MAN was made to WORSHIP.

    Lastly, and by no means the least, SIN is constantly at enmity with God, if so, how can the aggressive sinner use or be used by the Holy Spirit, through whose ability one can aptly discern? As we are equally apt to preach, GOD loves the sinner, but by all means abhor the sin. This is the green light for us all to MOVE while the green light is on to the righteous side, so that we may not be caught on the day of reckoning.

    I love your 1 King 13 allegory, there is so much to discern from that passage. How is Canada?


  2. This was a really inspiring topic on discernment and I believe that at this times, we need to ask the Lord Almighty to give us the spirit to discern the wrong and right. Keep posting and I pray that God will give you creative ideas. Well done.


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