Change- the only constant in life…..


How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was busy! busy!! busy!!!

I wish I could feel cool like the guy in the  picture but that’s so not how I feel..

The word- ‘Exhausted’ just mildly puts how I feel into words.

So why am I exhausted? I am moving from my current country of residence to a different country. [I’ve deliberately left out my destination, as I intend to make that known in the future]

The truth is, as I type this post; I’m so full of thanks to God. I’m watching BBC’s crime watch and I’m shocked at the events that go on in this country [UK], and none of such evil has been my lot. Not that I’ve been extraordinarily faithful and righteous. It has been God’s endless Mercy and Grace at work. 

So please I entreat you to bear with me as I make this move and settle down. I will get back to blogging as soon as possible [when I am settled in]. Keep checking. If you’ve not read some posts, catch up. Share. Leave your comments. 

I hope to continue blogging soon.

God bless you. xx

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