Searching for the ‘Israelites’? Search no more…


She awoke with a frown on her face. The first thing she uttered was ‘what am I doing here?’. What happened to my place of comfort? Then the thoughts rushed in. She misses her favourite TV soaps. She misses her former bed. She misses going out and knowing the faces she sees approaching her. She misses knowing how to get to place A from place B. She misses everything that isn’t ‘now’.

And then while she thought about all she missed. He walked in.

He smiled and said- ‘Why are you any different from the Israelites in the Wilderness?’ She thought to herself; ‘Now that’s a bit too harsh, don’t you think?
He answered; ‘Harsh?’ Okay, let’s talk.

Compare what you are missing, to what the Israelites almost killed Moses and Aaron for in Exodus 16, are they any different?

They are just the insignificant things that you’ve focused your attention on, that now seem to be overly important compared to what is to be attained with your presence in this place. Do you think I just get bored and decide to do something funny, and then your life seems to be the best joke to crack? Nah! You should know better. 
So know this- There’s nothing, I mean NOTHING that has ever taken place [that will take place] that I am not aware of. You cannot be taught when you are on the mountain but in the valley. I am still the maker of the valley and the mountains, so I reside there. Don’t forget your previous blessings.


Then He asked her: ‘Is this the first time I’ve taken you from your place of comfort?’ She answered ‘No’, bowing her head in shame. So why do you think that this time will be worse than before? Considering that I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Even more, the Latter is to be better than the former, remember?

Yes! I get it. What you desire is not visible. I know human beings like the ‘instant noodles’ way. But hear this- there’s no growth in the elevator. And I don’t do elevator, you’ve to take the stairs and I will provide railings and a bounce to your feet. You won’t be walking alone. Nothing of virtue is born overnight.

So suck it up! Chin up! Wipe those tears! I see you have loads of them; how about saving them for the good times ahead [tears of joy]. Just focus on me. Thank me. Ask me what it is that I want you to learn [this will fasten the process, because once you learn what is needed, you move on to the next level]. Seek to see good in the midst of all and stop crying for the ‘Lamb stew of Egypt’. I have assorted stew for you. 

Then He left…..

This is for me and you. We may be going through a major or minor change in our lives and it looks as if nothing seems to be making sense or nothing is coming together. Let us rise above the situations and be like Job in Job 13:15 [Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him; I will surely defend my ways to his face]. We should not be Christians only in the midst of the ‘good going’. Remember God is the God of the mountain and the valley. 
So this week, propose in your heart that whatever it may be, you will stand firm. God works all things together for our good. Employ patience to do its work, so you become mature and well-developed. Be encouraged!

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