Have you heard of  the latest ‘trending’ cosmetics brand? Does Èkó  luxury make up by Africanism Cosmopolitan, ring a bell? I am certain from today, it will not only ring a bell, you will scream for more of their products, as you won’t get enough of them.

Oh! and did I forget to say that, two readers will win two Arewa 88-colour eyeshadow palettes [one each]. I will  be giving away two. One for a Nigerian reader (residing in Lagos) and the other for a UK resident too. Keep reading to find out how to win it.

Èkó luxury make up by Africanism Cosmopolitan is a luxury/cosmetics brand that just started sale in Nigeria with two new products:

  •  Èkó luxury mink Eyelashes (N4000) £15
  •  Arewa 88-colour eyeshadow palette (N3,500) £12

Waow!! Someone is excited already. 

Where can you purchase them? You can buy the new products either by direct email order [] or through their website for UK buyers [] or for Nigerian buyers or via their social media platform or even at their retail outlet in Lagos Suite E370-E379, Ikota shopping complex, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria.

What you need to know about Arewa 88-colour eyeshadow– it is made up of mineral based ingredients which gives your eyes a sultry and smooth finish. The eyeshadow set can create over 300 different looks. Also there are two applicators for ease of use.

What you need to know about Èkó luxury milk eyelashes– they are premium 100%

hand-crafted original mink lashes sourced from the finest responsibly retrieved mink fur. The fur is collected from the natural shedding and molting cycles of mink animal, hence no animal was harmed during the process. The fur is sterilised to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and suitable for wear. They are made free from any kind of dye, leaving a natural black-brown finish. Also, it can be worn up to 25 times with adequate care.

And the moment you’ve been waiting for….

Who can enter to win the giveaway? [2 Arewa 88-colour eyeshadows]
Anyone around the world. However, if you live outside United Kingdom and Lagos, Nigeria; you’ll be winning to give someone in the ‘mentioned’ countries. In essence, the eyeshadow will be delivered to anyone in UK and Lagos, Nigeria.
My able gentlemen, don’t feel left out. Enter and win for your mother, sister, cousin, aunty, girlfriend, fiancee, wife…..

How are the winners chosen?
Randomly! However, I will make sure that one winner is in Lagos, Nigeria and the other in UK. The two winners will not be chosen from one country.

When does it end?
On Monday, 2 June 2014. The winners will be announced in my post on Monday.

All you have to do is…
Follow on instagram- @shop_africanismcosmopolitan
Follow on twitter- @EKOmakeup
Follow me on twitter-@ChinomnsoP
Follow me on instagram- @chinomnsoprecious

You can also leave a comment in the comment section making your intentions known that you will like to ‘enter for the giveaway’ and please include your location [Lagos or UK]. If you are not in any of the countries and you are winning to pass on to someone, please include the person’s location, not yours. 

C’est fini! That’s all you need to do. So be the bearer of good news, tell someone that there’s something ‘trending’ on ‘Precious Thoughts’

Have you seen my last post-I was here before you

Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel Chinomnso Precious

Let’s get the ball rolling!

For further information: Instagram: @shop_africanismcosmopolitan
                                            Twitter:      @EKOmakeup

Photo Credit: Africanism Cosmoplitan 

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