What ‘shield’ do you need?

Ever felt that pain that comes from failure, in a manner you never envisioned? The feeling that just keeps you dumbfounded, while your mind does the talking and thinking. All of a sudden, your mind becomes a woman [multitasking]. But still, failure is never in the falling down, but is in the falling and never making an attempt to rise!

Please forgive me. I had the intention of making this post, a vlog, as I said in the previous vlog: here  I had a busy week and didn’t get to vlog. But I am certain, you’ll still be enriched and encouraged with this post.

I mentioned previously in my introductory vlog: here that I am a law graduate awaiting admission into law school. As one of the steps to build my legal work experience, I applied,  paid for a training and wrote a test in January 2014, in order to qualify to be a volunteer in a Free Representation Firm. I wrote that test with my all, it was a very difficult time for me because I had a very horrible, wicked flu. The flu knocked me off totally, but I wrote the test. The result was scheduled to be released in April. 

April did not even wait at all [time flies, it’s scary at times. lol], the result was released. I failed the test. What ‘scattered’ my brain, was the fact that I could not a get a feedback on what went wrong. I use the term ‘scattered’ because, I was confident that the test result was going to be a-ma-zing! I was sad, but in the midst of the sadness, I found myself saying ‘God, I do not understand this oh, but I know you do’. I will not tell lies by saying- I forgot all that happened. 

Fast forward to May 2014, it so happens  that I do not have the legal qualification to work in Canada for now, Let me explain- since I studied outside Canada, I am to apply to the Law Federation Society for them to assess my degree first before I can get into Law School [So presently, my law degree is being assessed]. Despite this policy, deep down within me, I had proposed in my heart to search and get a legal related job. I told God I did not want to do anything less.

An opportunity presented itself, and I was able to visit a lawyer to ask for the opportunity to assist her, more like ‘learn the ropes’. She gave me a topic to research on, and return with the result of my research. I was amazed because I knew my situation [still awaiting assessment], I just had this ‘risky’ faith that something positive was going to come out of the meeting.

So the next day, I took a walk to a mall close to my house. I was approached by a sales representative. After she had done the main thing [marketing the benefits of a shopper optimum card], we got talking and she told me that she had just come from India three months ago, she is a teacher but is doing the sales/marketing job for the time being. In the course of our conversation, I told her I was awaiting an assessment result to get into law school, and that I was looking to get legal experience. And she said, ‘I will advice that you look for a Tim Horton or Walmart job for the time being’. There is nothing wrong with her suggestion, I just knew my desire to get a legal related job was not at a wrong time.  

Her words never left my mind. ‘To add salt to injury’, the next morning, the thought that rose its ugly head was: ‘look for a different job, remember the test you did. You did not pass that even with the right qualifications to get the job in UK, so how do you expect any different when you don’t have the necessary requirements. Save yourself another heartache’. Now this thought shook me. ‘oga fear’ grabbed the opportunity and ‘stood at attention’ in my mind. Then the Holy Spirit gave me this passage- Ephesians 6:16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.

Wow! that was how Ephesians 6:16 slapped ‘oga fear’ into ‘unknown space’. I was encouraged. I did the research. I was interviewed and tested by the lawyer. Let me be honest with you: All I could know in my power, I delivered on; those that I could not, God took care of. She offered me the job, I accepted. All God’s handwork!

So my lovelies, what I will like you to understand from this post [as a continuation of my previous vlog: here]. There’s a timing with God, and some times [or most times], our timing does not correlate with that of God. But while you ‘wait’ [waiting does not mean being at a stand still or doing nothing], you need the shield of faith. Your thoughts will taunt you, as well as the opinions of people. But asking God for faith as a shield will make a huge difference. I know patience is a virtue while waiting, but ‘the shield of faith’ will be the ‘Lucozade’. 

Another thing I have learnt from these situations is that- seeking God’s face should take priority to seeking God’s hand [blessings]. There is a difference, I hope to share about that, in the future. When you seek his face, the benefits of his hands are inevitably going to manifest in your life.

However, God is all knowing. If your reason for seeking his face is to get his ‘hands’, he knows! He sees our hearts. So I humbly urge you that when it feels like all your desires do not seem to be coming at ‘your’ appointed time, seek to know the heart of God! Seek to know him for who he is! Pray! Read his word! Grab a large plate of patience and make sure that large plate is filled with the shield of faith

Be encouraged!

P.S the volunteer job I applied for in January was an unpaid one, but my present one is paid. God’s timing is definitely the best. Never forget this!

Please share and leave your comments [please feel free to share your experience as well] add your ‘shield’…..

Hope you had a fantastic weekend?

Any suggestions- pradake16@gmail.com

Chinomnso Precious

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