VLOG- Is it ‘that time’ to pursue?


I’ve come to realise that we need to become David and ask God- ‘Should I pursue?’ every time. This video talks about the importance of having this conversation with God, and I shared a personal experience to illustrate the concept of timing.


Please feel free to leave your comments and share your experience(s).

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4 thoughts on “VLOG- Is it ‘that time’ to pursue?

  1. Anonymous says:

    There was a day i was praying about something important, and had learnt earlier that day the importance of asking God for the right time. I wouldn't lie but i was nervous to say 'God this is my wish but if its not yours, don't let it happen'. I eventually did summon the courage to say it and well it didn't happen. My fears exactly. However i certainly believe something greater beyond my imagination is going to happen very soon. In all, God's time is the best. He knows much more than we think we do and He definitely knows when the right time is.


  2. Is just that we humans operate with two clocks ours and God's clock, most times we uses our own clock to ask God for favors, often we feel his own time is too slow, in some cases he has already answered our prayers but waiting for the appointed time to make it manifest.A scenario that comes to my mind each time it seems as if there is a kind of delay in what am asking God for,is that of a kid whose mother is baking big loaves of bread and tells him to be a bit patient while the kid kept on crying and begging for a little cake on the table, God created us and him alone knows what is best for us his precious children.


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