MUST WATCH: Giving is the best communication


I watched this inspiring video about giving and decided to share. It is a short video that I am sure will bless and inspire you.


Have a lovely day.

Chinomnso Precious

Video Credit: YouTube

7 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: Giving is the best communication

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is truly inspiring. I hope i can give more. Truth is just that i am sometimes consumed with fear when it comes to giving arms especially with the security issues being faced in Nigeria. I do give arms but not as much as i should. More so, i always tell myself that i don't want anyone to feel less than their worth as a result of my unconscious words or actions. Thank you Precious for this.


  2. I really understand your fears. But be rest assured that God will direct your ways in giving. And I'm sure God knows you have no belittling thought towards those you give to, please do not allow that to discourage you from giving. What matters most is God sees your motive. God bless you. Thanks for your comment.


  3. This is really inspiring nd motivational!! Smtymz too I get angry after giving due to the fact that doz u give dnt appreciate what u gave them. Then I use to b a cheerful giver but now no more 100% but with this video im gonna change. Thanks for sharing this cous


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