GUEST EXCLUSIVE: Whose image and likeness?

How do I start? I have lived with the preconception that clothes, shoes, jewellery, make-up etc are the basic ingredients for being accepted. I know some of us are going through this or know someone who is  going through this phase, but I am here to tell you that you are wrong. 

Now, don’t get me wrong that looking good and dressing well is bad, on the contrary it is very important but when the quest to always look a certain way becomes the focal point of your existence, one or both of this happens, you are either obsessed with looking good or stuck with low self esteem. 

Let me expatiate, taking a cue from what I went through. I use ‘went’ because I am happy to proclaim freedom from that illusory thought. Back to my point, I would not go out because I felt I didn’t have pretty clothes, going to church on Sunday was not fun because I had to ponder on what to wear, I made wrong decisions relationship-wise because I felt my looks could not warrant someone better. When someone made nice comments about my looks, I always felt they were just consoling my situation. It was a really tough period. However, I have come to term with the fact that beauty has nothing to do with outward appearance but the inner self and 1 Peter 3: 3,4 confirm this. 

Moreso, taking a cue from Michelle Mckinney Hammond’s What to do until love finds you, she talks about the fact that true beauty operates on three levels – soul, mind and body. When all three are in effect, the results can be astounding. When one is off, it can throw the whole ball game. She went further to say that the greatest beauty secret a man/woman can have is righteousness, and I cannot agree more. Psalm 50:2 says ‘From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth’. 

Why then the worry and low spirit? I am not saying it’s easy but we have to try to proclaim positivity into our lives every day. For anyone going through this, share your worries with 
someone you know can truly help could be a pastor, sister, friend, and parent. I am lucky to 
have amazing friends and sharing what I was going through with a wonderful friend felt like 
a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. 

I could not help but share this because am certain there are a lot of people going through 
this. Like the song goes ‘I am wonderfully made, I am beautifully made, I belong to God I 
resemble Him’, we are indeed wonderfully made in the likeness of the Almighty. So let’s lay 
off the  thoughts the devil might try to instil in us. 

I’ll conclude by saying; what you do, what you say, what you think – these will have more impact and a greater lasting impression than your reflection in the looking glass.

 Don’t just look beautiful, be beautiful!

Eniola Ajibola.

P.S please share and leave your comments below. Have a lovely weekend.

4 thoughts on “GUEST EXCLUSIVE: Whose image and likeness?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beauty is subjective to many, but until the true beauty shines on the inside, it will only be an attempted facade on the outside. Big sis keep on keeping on, God willing we will storm the nations we thought provoking and life changing write-ups. I am Officially proud of you.


  2. Loooool. My brother is officially proud of me, he has been 'unoficially' proud of me, all these while. LOL. God be praised. Thank God and thanks to Eniola Ajibola for sharing this with me and the world. And Yes, we will storm nations with life changing write ups. Amen! Thanks for commenting.


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