VLOG: What could be missing?

I could be wrong when I say that everyone must have had this conversation within themselves. But, I am right when I say: I have had this conversation within me….

What conversation? you ask…..

So you know when men of God mount the pulpit and they start unleashing

prophetic utterances. There were times when, if you were invisible and could enter into a person’s heart; and you got to enter into my heart, a conversation like this would have taken place…

                    “Say my own! Say my own!! make that prophetic declaration concerning my                               situation or my future, man of God”

Hmmm, typing this right now, I can only shake my head at myself. But, what matters is- that ignorance has been wiped away by the knowledge of ‘who I am to God and in God’.

This prelude just lays the foundation of what today’s vlog entails. There are certain things that need to be in place, in order to hear from God, thereby not having ‘my past conversation’. 
Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with expecting a word ‘from the pulpit’; but there is something definitely wrong with only hearing from God from the pulpit.

So this video was suggested by a subscriber of my YouTube Channel-Chinomnso Precious  You can also become a subscriber too *wink*

Enjoy, share and feel free to state what could be missing!

Kindly say it...

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