LET’S BARE IT ALL: A different facet of ‘the devil’ and ‘deep blue sea’

You’re approaching the chamber of ‘bare it all’. So take off your ‘judgemental glasses’ and ‘sanctimonious thinking faculty’. But please leave on your ‘able wrists/hands’ and ‘willing-mind-to-contribute’.

I am sure you enjoyed the last edition of Let’s bare it all. Today, we will have another ‘dig’. Oh! I am still rooting for those bus conductors wherever they are.

You know, inasmuch as we live in the world, and we are not of the world, you cannot say you don’t live in the world and are not affected by certain things that occur in the world

As a Christian, there comes a time when you allow God to break you, you do not want to associate with those presumptuous sins of the past. But you know, there are some sins that just hug you so hard, how do you overcome? 

I’m sure at a certain point in your life [if you have not experienced it now, you will experience it] You have been involved in a situation where your ‘oga’ asks you to disobey your ‘Oga’. It is a serious issue. Well, it is serious when you know the consequence of disobeying the ‘Oga’. [I know there is grace, but remember Romans 6:1]

So you are at work, the phone rings. The caller requests to speak to your boss, and your boss gives you that sign- ‘Tell them I am not available’ or ‘tell them I am not around’ and he/she (the boss) is right there before you, more than around and available. You know what that is, it is a lie.  So where do you go from here? Remember, you do not want to lose your job, however, you do not want to disobey God either. 

How do you tackle issues like this? As usual, this can occur in different ways.  I’ve just chosen to use a prevalent scenario. Over to you!

Please feel free to share your personal experience…

Have you watched the latest video What could be missing?

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