A gentle but necessary reminder?!

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Source- Google!

Hello all,

I prepared this article a few weeks ago for my Aunt. She needed help putting this together, as she was swamped with work and exams. And I humbly obliged. Putting this piece together, it felt like I was talking to myself. Infact, every post I put up on this blog is me talking to me before anyone else, and this post is not any different.

Be blessed!


Hello Ladies

I am saying ‘hello ladies’ not to shut the men out in anyway, but as expected this post is to particularly address the ladies. So, our men! Don’t feel left out, there’s still something to gain for your present girlfriend, fiancée, sister(s),cousin(s) and friends.

Ruth, Deborah, Esther, Abigail, Mary (mother of Jesus), Hannah. Yes! You can have that combination in one lady, and that is YOU. It would have been easy to find so many role models in the world to pick out attributes that we should possess, but I think it is even easier to stick to the ‘never ancient’ manual- the bible.

So my ladies, there are so many attributes that are necessary to possess if we are to be the salt of the earth and make any godly, positive impact in our world today. And the fact that you are reading this today, just goes to show that you will strive with the help of the holy spirit to be a ‘Ruth, Deborah, Esther, Abigail, Mary and Hannah’ of this generation; all in one.

Do not think that there is a certain age for you to become all that God desires for you to be. Remember what 1 Timothy 4 vs 12 says: ‘Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an ensample to that believe, in WORD, in manner of LIFE, in LOVE, in FAITH, in PURITY’. So the time to start is now.

To rule in the stead God has called us to, there are a few vital attributes/fruits, we should bear.

Obedience is very important. Obedience entails a lot of things including the act of listening and doing. You remember Esther in the bible, she was an obedient lady. She did not start the act of listening and doing when she got into the palace. It was a character that was imbibed in her while she was living with Mordecai, so it was not hard for her to have listened when he told her about the impending doom of the Jews. Hence, God was able to use her to save her people.

My Ladies, let’s come home. If we will make an impact, I mean positive impact in the our time of existence on earth; we have to be obedient to our parents, elders, everyone older than us [in age and authority]. You may think it is cliché, but it is still one commandment with the promise of long life. [Exodus 20:12, Ephesians 6:2]

So I am sure we want to live long, let us be obedient to our elders. If we cannot handle obeying our parents at home, we will have difficulties obeying our bosses at work and even our husbands/husnands-to-be. And that also goes to show our level of obedience with God, because if we cannot obey those God has put over you, here on earth, how will we obey him that we do not see.

I cannot over emphasise on the importance of our speech- choice of words. Your words bring life and death. [Proverbs 18:21] If we will make a godly impact in this world, our speech must be graced and seasoned with life. [Colossians 4:6]  Ladies, we have to strive to still speak peace even in the presence of war. Abigail is a good example. Her soothing words saved the life of her husband, Nabal. Also, this prevented David from shedding the blood of someone who God was ready to deal with. In as much as, she was married to a man the bible called ‘a wicked man and an evildoer’, she never cursed him, not once. [To the best of my knowledge, anyway, if your bible says something different, it means you added that verse. LOL]

So my ladies, let’s know this, a lady that can speak life and control her words to please God is a very wise lady. So even if someone does the dumbest and silliest of things, it is not for us to curse them, leave them to God. Go a step further and speak life to dumb and silly things and watch things change.

You have heard that bible passage that says ‘all things are lawful, but not all things are expedient/beneficial’ [1 Corinthians 10 vs 23]. It is really true, we should never do anything that does not edify us in God and does not please God. In essence, Love God enough to please him at all times. You see Aunty Ruth, she loved Naomi so much that she loved her God, and even if she did not know Naomi’s God, she was ready to do anything that Naomi asked of her, so long as it pleased her. Love God more than that much. Let us seek to please God first, in all that we do. Believe me, if everyone in the world practiced this, it would have been a different world by now. So my ladies, let us start now to find out those things that please God [the bible tells it all], and when we are in authority anywhere, it will be extremely difficult to do otherwise.

Queens, if we will make an indelible mark in this world. We have to communicate with your maker AT ALL TIMES, sprinkling that with faith. We need to be a ladies/women of prayer. This communication has to be one where we speak and listen to God as well. You see Hannah prayed her seven children into fruition. It took a lot of faith, for a woman that was barren. Also, let our prayer life never be a monologue, let us long for a dialogue with God. Deborah was able to say what God was saying because she dialogued with God, she was able to tell Barak where to find Sisera. Let us yearn to have this kind of relationship with God, where he can speak to us, and that’s because we can listen. A lady that communes with God can stand before anybody. So let us Pray! Pray!! And Pray!!!

Now hear this- ladies, purity births wonders. Ask Mary. For God to have chosen Mary to give birth to his sinless son, it shows that she must have been the purest of them all, apart from keeping her body, also in thoughts and acts as well. Purity entails a lot of sections but I will like to encourage us by saying this- if it is your desire to be married someday, keep your body holy, under subjection of Christ. No boyfriend, man friend should shorten the ration of our godly husbands.

We are queens; we are to flee from any form of fornication. No smooching, touching and all sorts. This is very crucial. Our body is the temple of God. Do we want God to leave? Let us remember he cannot dwell in sin. And we cannot serve two masters- we are either staying pure for God or staying dirty for the devil. I presume we want to marry godly men. If he is from God, he WILL NOT compromise, at all. Let us never forget this. We should not even try the alternatives that are lying around [toys and all sorts]. We can be pure and put our emotions in check with God.

We should not allow anyone tell us that ‘being pure’ is overrated. I know, there is not any other baby Jesus Christ to be born. Still we should keep our bodies for his glory. God dwells in pure vessels, and if we will make that godly impact, God has to dwell in us.

And Ladies, if we feel that out of all that has been listed above, we fall short in one area. It’s never too late to return to our king. Remember Bathsheba, even after the sin of adultery, when she repented, she had a son-Solomon, who called her ‘a virtuous woman’. The proverbs 31 woman we strive to become.

So these are just a few but vital things we should practice, and when we do them, we will conquer this world for God and capture the hearts of everyone we come in contact with, including our Adams!

You are queens, and remain so.

Please feel free to add a ‘gentle but necessary reminder’…….

P.S I hope you were not put off by the length, I didn’t want to take anything out. Have an awesome week ahead, and look out for a new post on Wednesday.

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4 thoughts on “A gentle but necessary reminder?!

  1. “No smooching, touching and all sorts.” I chuckled at that line. But it couldn’t be more true.

    This deserves to be printed AND framed. Oh how wonderful if I could distribute it to my girls at school. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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