Transparency: Le Struggle?!



Aha! You see the thing is most times, the assumption that we are on the right track at all times is a feeling that delights the eyes and other sense organs, but it’s always good to know that the whole being isn’t sold out to that assumption. Good stuff, if you ask me!

I started blogging nine months ago. There was and still is a purpose I ventured into ‘Precious Thoughts’, but along the way; I lost sight of that purpose.

But hey! Goodnews- I’m getting back on track. But I’ve to say, it was a struggle admitting that something was out of place.

When I chose to start blogging, it was from the leading and desire to share my walk with Christ with everyone that gets to read a post on this blog. Truth is, I shared a part of my walk. Maybe there were days when I did it right, and days when I did it wrong. But now, God has whipped me. Yup! He didn’t whisk this whipped cream [me] with a whisking machine.  Nah!! Baba [God] went manual, with his hands. And I love it. It was necessary.

You see when I study the bible, reading the life histories of my egbon(s) [Seniors/Elders], there was never a place where their struggles and weaknesses were hidden. The Word of God made everything transparent.

Ahan! How am I supposed to know that a person can be all about God today and still fall into temptation, and upon repentance still rise higher to be a better person than before the fall? Well!! The transparency in the bible telling the stories of David, Paul, Peter and many more are not just there for side-selection. Choosing the awesome moments and being identified with those ‘high’ moments, then all of a sudden, it is seems as if there were never the ‘low’ moments.

Le struggle has been going on for a while now [can’t precisely state the exact time], but the truth is, it became real these last few days.

Baba [God]: ‘Child, it’s time to get real’, this grace and work that I perform in your life, how will it be real to those you want to make it known to, for my glory?

Whipped Cream [me]: Ah! Is that not what I’ve been doing?

Baba [God]: Babes, not at all. It is time to come higher. Drop the veil. Don’t be too surprised, my baba is very current. Yup! He calls me ‘babes’. He is the beginning and end, remember? He knows all. 

I entered the fight mode. It was no joke, I was just angry. Why will God require that I drop the veil? Whose business is it? and the questions were endless.

I fought him, and I lost. And this loss is gain.

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

What’s my point? I am coming out as God will have me be. This blog won’t be about theoretical, voiced understandings anymore. It will be one where I take pleasure in sharing my weaknesses that have become strengths with Christ’s touch [2 Cor 12:10]. You see, by his grace, I’m done making my walk with God look perfect. I want to share the highs and lows as he will lead me. Will it be easy? No!!! But when God is in the mix, victory is certain.

I’ve no idea how it will be. Or what I will say. But here is what I know, I am done being Jonah. There is no time to feign ‘prim and proper’. Yup! Feign. Because I am no prim and proper in my strength, there is a shedding that takes place for the new skin to be seen. I don’t want you to see only the new skin anymore, you will witness the shedding.

So cheers to transparency! This isn’t me saying:  ‘this is my sin, I glory in it, and his mercy covers up’. Nah! This is me saying: ‘I am a child of God, I live in a world where I’m being torn between pleasing my maker and pleasing the world. I fall and I rise, because Christ gives me strength to triumph’.

Why transparency? Transparency, so that I don’t make the Christian walk an ‘opposite replica’ of His word. have magnified your word above all your name [Ps 138:2 AMP]. His Word gives me different scenarios of how imperfect and frail man is, and how he steps in, and then there’s a difference; so why should I make the word look any different? Hypocrisy!! Blasphemy!!

I will just crown this up by saying, transparency is for people to recognise Christ in all of it [Philemon 1:6]. I want you to see Christ doing it all, not me. And by his grace, you will!

I know I am not the only one, that is going through this phase, or you may have had your own rhema. How was it? How has it been? Or just share your view on transparency in christian walk!

Have you seen my last post?

Chinomnso Precious!


3 thoughts on “Transparency: Le Struggle?!

  1. My darling sister!!!!!! Seems God is really training his army at the same time! I just faced one of the greatest convictions of my life and indeed the potter used it to mould me into his vessel,and I’m so glad & grateful will be. the father only corrects those he loves! I love you very much and I pray henceforth our lives would be available to his pruning and leading! God bless xx

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    • My dearest La Diva, God is definitely training his army. His coming is near, no time to be complacent anymore… God bless you too dear. I love you more sis. Amen, by his grace, we will be vessels unto honour. Thanks for reading xx


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