Transparency: Le Struggle?!



Aha! You see the thing is most times, the assumption that we are on the right track at all times is a feeling that delights the eyes and other sense organs, but it’s always good to know that the whole being isn’t sold out to that assumption. Good stuff, if you ask me!

I started blogging nine months ago. There was and still is a purpose I ventured into ‘Precious Thoughts’, but along the way; I lost sight of that purpose.

But hey! Goodnews- I’m getting back on track. But I’ve to say, it was a struggle admitting that something was out of place.

When I chose to start blogging, it was from the leading and desire to share my walk with Christ with everyone that gets to read a post on this blog. Truth is, I shared a part of my walk. Maybe there were days when I did it right, and days when I did it wrong. But now, God has whipped me. Yup! He didn’t whisk this whipped cream [me] with a whisking machine. ┬áNah!! Baba [God] went manual, with his hands. And I love it. It was necessary.

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