Where there is no law…..

Let’s do a ‘Throwback’ on Precious Thoughts!!

Precious Thoughts!

I’ve this thinking that it is possible to have a world where people don’t rely on the law to do the right thing, i.e people do things the right way because it is the right thing to do…[I can hear my people saying: ‘Nah!! that ain’t possible’, ‘there are people who do the wrong things because it’s in their nature’, ‘For your mind’]….Oh well…..I watched a movie sometime ago, it’s titled ‘the purge’ [very good movie, I recommend you watch it] the movie envisioned a time in America where ‘they’ will have 12 hours when all and everything is legal, that is, nothing was a crime, do as you wish, no police, ambulance and all. It was quite shocking and sad to see the turnout of events with such opportunity. And it got me thinking, what will I do if nothing was a crime? what will my neighbours/friends/classmates/lecturers/pastors/siblings/aunts/uncles/cousins/passersby…[the list is…

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