The ‘Siri’ of life….

Precious Thoughts!

Siri of life!

Okay! So at this point, I will like to make a humble declaration: whatever post I put on this blog is directed to me first before anyone else, just like that saying- when you point your finger at someone, the other four at pointing back at you. So I am no saint or superhuman who does all things right [work-in-progress]. Just thought to throw this in. #Declarationover#

The matter of today is a very sensitive one. Hopefully, you’ll understand my point of view. Let’s reason together on the ‘Siri of your life’. Yes! ‘Siri’ [I know it’s an app on iphone and ipad] but this ‘Siri’ is different. This ‘Siri’ is Horoscope with the inclusion of zodiac sign. I carried out a limited but vital research on this, and will like to share with you.

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