Are you still ‘cool’?


This week will consist of past blog posts being reblogged. Just last week, I was reading some posts that have been published and I thought revisiting them will be a great idea.

As at March 16, 2015, a new series will commence on this blog, so reflecting on some of the previous posts before this new series is just ideal.

So today, we are revisiting: “Are you still cool?”


Precious Thoughts!

Source-Google! Source-Google!

Happy New Month!

It is a new month, and you will normally be expecting a ‘Wisdom Nugget’ today, but there has been a swap. The Wisdom Nugget for the month of October will be the next post. I have had this topic being pressed on my heart and I thought I ‘offload’ it today.

Before I get on with today’s post, I will like to set the context of ‘cool’ that will be referred to in the post. The word ‘cool’ can be used to depict different things. From the context of cool being defined as popular to the context of cool being defined as fashionable, trendy, funky; and its meaning is inexhaustive.

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