Let’s talk: The Blame Game!?!

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Source- Google!

The easiest statement anyone will like to make when there’s an issue is ‘It’s not my fault, it’s yours’. So long as there’s another party that can be drawn into whatever mess that has taken place, why not lay the blame on them. Easy as A, B, C, right?

Well, if you ask me, maturity comes with taking responsibility. You ask ‘What of situations where, it is outrightly known to the other party that it is not my fault, but he/she refuses to take responsibilty?’  Hmmm, tough right? Well! I will say share the blame for peace to reign. Lol. [my personal take, I’m sure there are other contrary views] However, I guess different situations require different responses.

But you see, today’s post title is a recurrent event that has been in existence before I was born and till this day.

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What has been your excuse II?

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Okay! it will be awesome if you read ‘Part I’….

Before we go any further into Part II, let’s have a chit-chat. How are you doing? How has your week been? How’s the summer break going? And those of us that don’t get to have a summer break: how’s work? I do care about your wellbeing, you know! I do pray for all my readers, that all goes well with y’all. And I’m sure God hears.

The Part I of this post focused more on emotions. But part II is focusing on ‘Talents/gifts’.

I’m happy to say that I’ve not met anyone who has said to me: ‘Princess, you know I’ve no talent’. Well, my response would be- ‘Tufiakwa!! Isi gini??’ [Igbo for ‘God forbid! You said what?’]. Lol.

I believe it’s no news to say everyone has talents/gifts, it’s possible that a person who thinks otherwise hasn’t discovered his/hers yet. I think one of the factors killing people’s talent is the ‘I want yours’ syndrome.

You see, in this day and age where we have social media and the likes, everything is on showcase. You don’t know who will see your handwork and will be interested in working with you. But on the flip side, there are people who see the display of so-and-so’s talent as a reason to stay ‘underground’. Why? Because ‘I don’t have A’s talent, I don’t have anything then‘. First mistake!

There is nothing similar when it comes to your talent with that of person B. There is something unique about you that cannot be found in person B. Unfortunately, you cannot get to see all that through social media. I feel we have come to a path where we have taken our eyes off our portions and placed them on the portion of others, and in that same way, buried the one we have. Does that ring a bell? Matthew 25:14-30- the parable of the talents.

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