Holy Liar- You say what?

say wahts



You know we always say that if a baby does a ‘wee-wee’ in his/her pampers, it is the norm, it is expected of the baby. But if 15years down the line, that same child is still doing a ‘wee-wee’, then there is a problem!

The same is applicable even in every other sphere of our lives, there are certain types of ignorance that are pardonable for a particular time, but as time goes on, ignorance cannot be an excuse.

Okay, let me share a story. When I was in JSS1 [Junior high school], I was bitten by the ‘belong bug’. So my birthday is in October, but back then, there were two of my classmates that had the same birthday; it was just so ‘awesome’ to see two people share the same birthday [it was a fascinating feel for me then]. So do you know what this girl [me] did? I wanted to bask in the euphoria of that ‘feel’ and I said that I was born on the same day as the girls then. So here is the thing- my birthday always came before theirs, theirs was in November. So I never acknowledge my ‘real’ birthday; I waited almost 4weeks for the birthday of the girls. Yup! I’m sure you are wondering: ‘what of your parents?’ didn’t they ever celebrate you on your ‘real’ birthday? Well! I guess my secret was safe, as I went to a strict boarding school, and my younger brother was still in primary school at that time. No one could blow my cover. Lol

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