SEE WHAT HE SAID: Book Review!

IMG_1290Hello Everyone!


Welcome to the second edition of See what he said. The first edition was in April.  As usual, this is not a publicity scheme. 

Last year, I took the book ‘Start with what you have’ by Sam Adeyemi, from my brother. In retrospect, about a month after I read the book, I started blogging. So, when I saw it among my collection of books, I decided to read it again, to remind myself of the wisdom nuggets and to do a book review for my Precious Thinkers.

Start with what you have is a 90 page book, with 8 chapters in it. If you are someone who is not inclined to reading big books, then this book will definitely be a good one for you, considering that I finished it in an hour thirty minutes. It is definitely a must read if you are stuck thinking of what you are supposed to do with your life. Personally, I think most of us get to a crossroad, where we do not have an idea of who we want to become or how to start on who we want to become. Continue reading