WHAT SHE [THEY] SAID: Chastity for Men…

Hello Fam!

My unplanned absence [Forgive this girl, please *puppy face*] from the blog is over; and we are having a book review as I stated in the last blog post.

But before we get into the book, I want to pen down a few words about the ‘primary’ author of this book, Frances Okoro.

I cannot vividly remember how our paths crossed, what I do remember was the fact that I was just interested in another lady, who studied law and loves Jesus, and is not ashamed to let the world know. I dropped my 2 cents on her blog, and the rest…. [Frances will have to tell us]

Frances Okoro is a lover of Christ who is bestowed with a transforming gift of transparency, and she is not afraid to declare that the liberating and transforming power of God is real; and she is a living proof. Her gift of transparency, I call transforming; because you read her words of the works of Christ in her, and you are able to come to the realization that she has an intimacy with God. Apart from being a lady of inspiration, she is a jovial and fun-loving person, who loves travelling, adventure and never finds a reason to hide that smile. She is a passionate adherent of finding and fulfilling purpose, love through the eyes of God, purposeful relationships and being chaste. So it is no surprise that she worked hard, with the grace of God, to make this e-book available for the world to read, and be transformed. Continue reading

SEE WHAT HE SAID: Book Review!

IMG_1290Hello Everyone!


Welcome to the second edition of See what he said. The first edition was in April.  As usual, this is not a publicity scheme. 

Last year, I took the book ‘Start with what you have’ by Sam Adeyemi, from my brother. In retrospect, about a month after I read the book, I started blogging. So, when I saw it among my collection of books, I decided to read it again, to remind myself of the wisdom nuggets and to do a book review for my Precious Thinkers.

Start with what you have is a 90 page book, with 8 chapters in it. If you are someone who is not inclined to reading big books, then this book will definitely be a good one for you, considering that I finished it in an hour thirty minutes. It is definitely a must read if you are stuck thinking of what you are supposed to do with your life. Personally, I think most of us get to a crossroad, where we do not have an idea of who we want to become or how to start on who we want to become. Continue reading