Bliss in saying NO!

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

‘Awwwww! Saying no won’t be fair’

Do you know how they will see me if I say no?’

They will see me as one loser, who has no guts! They won’t talk to me again….. I won’t be recommended for big bucks jobs…… I will be seen as Ms GoodyTwo-Shoes, and you know what that means- I won’t be able to hang around them….If I say no, it will be recorded that I’m a rude person, and I don’t want such tainted record!………

Conversations/scenarios like these are everyday occurrences. The struggle to please people. Interestingly this popular passage has been misunderstood: Love your neighbour as yourself. Okay! I guess that part wasn’t read properly. It says ‘as yourself’ not Love yourself as your neighbour. I know there is a thin line between selfishness and self-love, but doing something at the HUGE expense of yourself to the joy of another, is taking it to another level. [Emphasis on the ‘HUGE’, as there are circumstances where things are done for another at the doer’s expense-friendship, love relationships]. Continue reading