Where there is no law…..

I’ve this thinking that it is possible to have a world where people don’t rely on the law to do the right thing, i.e people do things the right way because it is the right thing to do…[I can hear my people saying: ‘Nah!! that ain’t possible’, ‘there are people who do the wrong things because it’s in their nature’, ‘For your mind’]….Oh well…..I watched a movie sometime ago, it’s titled ‘the purge’ [very good movie, I recommend you watch it] the movie envisioned a time in America where ‘they’ will have 12 hours when all and everything is legal, that is, nothing was a crime, do as you wish, no police, ambulance and all. It was quite shocking and sad to see the turnout of events with such opportunity. And it got me thinking, what will I do if nothing was a crime? what will my neighbours/friends/classmates/lecturers/pastors/siblings/aunts/uncles/cousins/passersby…[the list is inexhaustive] do if they got 12 hours when everything is legal? Also, what will you do? Are we doing the right thing because not doing the wrong thing leads to spending sometime or the rest of our lives in jail?

 Reiterating from my previous post, the thoughts of the mind is the genesis of all actions, so I trust that if good/positive thoughts are dwelt on, positive actions will take place. We need to get past the point where we do the right thing because it is required of us. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we can do without the law, No! I am saying we should do the right things without the law compelling us. Have a lovely day/night! and in whatever you set your hands to do, do it right! Shalom.

P.S if you had 12 hours where everything is legal, what will you do??

9 thoughts on “Where there is no law…..

  1. AB says:

    Laws are not merely made as guidelines to reduce the extent at which we do things wrong but they are also the criteria for us doing what is right thing, I mean we do what we think is right because we follow a set of guidelines or rules. Our very existence is controlled by guidelines, rules, and laws. The feasibility of doing without laws is a threat to our very own existence. Lets face it an antelope knows better than to play close to a lions den (it obeys the law of preservation via wisdom).
    Nice work do keep it up


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