Let’s talk: Appearance + Message vs Message -Appearance?!

Focus on the message and not the appearance. Yay? or Nay?

Focus on the message and not the appearance. Yay? or Nay?

Hello all,

I know it’s been like forever since I did a ‘Let’s talk’ post. Well!! sit back, relax, grap a pineapple juice [Yes! it has to be pineapple juice.Lol] and let’s talk…..

So the picture above was taken by me this past Saturday. I happened to hang out with a friend, and while taking a stroll around the area, there was a ‘campaign arena’. But, immediately I saw the bare-chested gentleman, I took a picture and said, ‘my readers need to say something’.

The young man was sharing the ‘Good news’. He was sharing Christ with passers by. Enthusiastically sharing, no joking. See his back up partners…..


So what do you think? If you were one of the passers by, would you have taken him serious? Will you say: ‘it’s the message that matters’. Forget about his appearance. OR

Do you think that his appearance matters a lot, his appearance cannot be segregated from the message?

Let me bring it home. Take for instance, that you are unbeliever and this gentleman was preaching, would you listen? I will not like to flip the coin and ask if it was a lady that was bare-chested, would you listen? But if you’ll like to make inference, and compare the gentleman to being a woman, please feel free.

Do you feel if it was a woman, it would be different, or do you think that there should be a single standard, no double standard?

This is the point where you share your opinion, I want to learn from you and please feel free to add bible verses.

What say you?

Have you seen my last post?

Have an exciting day!

Chinomnso Precious!

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3 thoughts on “Let’s talk: Appearance + Message vs Message -Appearance?!

  1. Ikeoluwa says:

    In as much as some would say appearance has nothing to do with the message, there’s no denying that in this respect, you’ll see this person first before wrapping your head around the message & sincerely I am not sure I would be interested in the message simply because of the appearance. However, if I do listen & it makes a bunch of sense, I’ll try my very best to erase the image I have in my head & hold on to the message. Just my perspective.

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  2. UCHE says:

    For me appearance matters alot, you are preaching and telling people about the King and all the good things he has and about to do for me, we are humans and are attracted by what we see more than what we feel, if you are telling an unbeliever that jesus has been so good to you, and by chance you appear hungry, poor and dirty what do you think will go on in the mind of the person? “good packaging deh sale fast” my sister 🙂

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