GUEST EXCLUSIVE: Be Reminded that……..

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Source- Google!

Greetings My Beloved Readers!

I feel it’s been a while I checked up on you. How are you doing? How has your week been? I really wish someone will give me a reply though *Puppy Face*

Oh wait! Christmas is almost here. I hope the items on your wishlists are getting ticked off. More importantly, I hope your joy is full as you reminisce the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, the main reason why we celebrate Christmas. And it’s not news that from late November, that decorations are up, in homes and streets. TV programmes change. Merry Christmas is the new ‘Hello’. Gifts are exchanged. Excitement is in the air! Christmas season is definitely one of merriment.

Well, today’s post can be seen as a timely reminder needed in this season and in all seasons. It may not be a ‘fresh out of the oven’ post, but one thing is certain- a daily reminder is necessary. 

I’m glad to announce that today’s guest is my brother. Enjoy….

God said, “It’s not good for the Man to be alone; I’ll make him a helper, a companion.” Genesis 2:18

“When you come to him, that fullness comes together for you, too. His power extends over everything.” Colossians 2:10

Someone once said, “It’s okay to be single but it’s not good to be alone”.  This statement in itself requires proper understanding, and that begs the question what does it really mean to be single?

Singleness according to the traditional definition which the world adopts and has slowly infiltrated into the church of God, is a state of being in which a person is unmarried or lacking a partner. But the kingdom definition differs, the kingdom’s definition means separate, unique and whole.

Separate means to be distinct from everybody else. Unique means you bring something that no one else has to life. Whole means to be complete within yourself. That means you don’t need anybody to complete you because, you are complete in Christ. To be alone means to be exclusive, isolated and solitary.

The problem this generation has with singleness is that they have the wrong perception about singleness. Many have confused singleness with being alone. But this is not true. You can actually be single and not be alone. Here is a shocker; a healthy relationship or marital union is made up of two single people.

As the scriptural references above show, God made a help meet for Adam not because he was single but, rather because he was alone. This is because there was no other of his kind on the surface of the earth at that time. You need to come to terms with the fact that singleness is the healthiest state of being any person can have. You have to find your completeness in Christ, have confidence in yourself and your abilities and accept yourself for who you are.

The erroneous belief that someone from somewhere must come into your life, for you to be proud of yourself and believe in who you are is dangerous.  In your state of singleness you must find your completeness in christ.

Your singleness comprises of your ability to build up yourself, to add value to the lives that come in contact with you, this is because the more value you add to yourself the more value you can add to others. Dr. Myles Munroe [Of blessed memory] once asked a question in a seminar, and the question goes thus: “would you marry you, if you knew you the way you do?”



Take a closer look and you will understand what he was getting at. In the areas of self development some people are unexplainably lazy and relatively unconcerned. They are so quick to be unassociated with the tag singleness, but they have very little to offer to people that come into their. Like Dr. Myles Munroe also said, “marriage does not solve that loneliness problem, it only exposes it”. Successful Christian marriages are made up of successful individuals.

So let’s ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Do I really have a vision for my life?
  • Do I derive my importance from what people say about me or how they rate me?
  • Have I truly accepted myself, and do I really have confidence in myself?
  • Do I need to be around certain people before I am happy?
  • Am I passionate about my purpose in life?

Your answers to these few questions, will ultimately lead to your answer to this question- Are you single and complete or are you alone?

Singleness does not have a time frame. It is not a problem. It is not a curse. It is not a heavy burden.

It is a gift, it is a blessing. Cherish it, appreciate it and maximize it. 

The Lord bless you.

                                                                             Prince Okechukwu!

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P.S All Bible passage are of the Message Version except where it is stated otherwise.

5 thoughts on “GUEST EXCLUSIVE: Be Reminded that……..

  1. I’m here babes..I’m giving you a reply..or am I not enough for you. *puppy face*

    I really love Okechukwu’s definition of singlehood… separate, unique and whole!

    And the questions he pointed out as regards purpose in life resounded..
    Am I or am I not living in purpose like I should?
    Singlehood isn’t a time to bemoan my fate or something, it’s a time to find out exactly what God has/wants for me.
    #alone but not lonely


    • *And she moonwalks* Awww How have you been, my lady? Puppy face has turned into a big smile.

      I love what you said: ‘Singlehood isn’t a time to bemoan my fate, it’s a time to find out exactly what God has/wants for me’. Thanks for reading.

      And I checked to see why you are not getting notifications, but everything looks set. I don’t know what could have gone wrong. Please check your spam or unfollow and refollow the blog, maybe that will help. Sorry about this. I hope it works. Please let me know. xx


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