The Perturbing Question: Who is Dinah?

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Finally!; she screamed with excitement.

You would think she had just won a jackpot or had been offered a trip to her dream country, with the way she screamed, “Finally”.

It was the Christmas season. As expected, the movies that were on TV were either talking of how Santa was coming to town or how everyone needs to find love this season. Well, most of the movies.

But she was excited because there was a biblical movie on at that moment. Not Passion of the Christ or The Nativity Story. This time, it was the story of Jacob. Still reeling with excitement, she did not get carried away with the story though. There had been some additions and subtractions. She had to ask herself; “Did that really happen in the Bible?”. 

She did not dwell so much on that question as she was well consumed with the fact that something different was on. But then, she did not see the next question that was going to follow with the next scene playing.

The next scene was about how Dinah had gone to Hamor’s and had been raped by Shechem, Hamor’s son. She only wished the actors had displayed a rape taking place instead of consensual sex between Shechem and Dinah. But that was not what made her take that popular examination writing position, that no one wishes to be caught displaying in an examination hall. The one where a finger is placed on the chin and all of a sudden the ceiling seems to have all the answers you need.

At that moment, all she needed to know was; “Who is Dinah?” Continue reading