TRIP TO HAITI: The Lessons and Blessings!

IMG_1508Bonjour A tous!

Comment ca va? That’s my attempt to continue from where I stopped in Haiti. Yes, I am back and ready to share the whole journey with you. So get a cold drink as you read on, as this post will definitely be an interesting and long(er) read; with lots of pictures.

It was a normal night as usual on March 10, the difference was that, I had a dream where I was speaking to someone who was ‘invisible’, in an elated tone, I screamed: ‘I am going to Haiti’. I woke up the next morning [March 11, Wednesday] laughing at myself. I didn’t even tell my family about the dream. To me, that was a ‘misplaced’ dream. Then evening came, and it was time for bible study in church, and my assistant pastor of my church had requested to see my brother and myself as we had opted to volunteer for after school program for children in the neighborhood. After the discussion, he points at me and says: ‘Princess, you’ll be going to Haiti, this year, right?’ Emmm hello Pastor, have you been in my dreams? That was my initial silent thought. I was dumbfounded for about five seconds and finally spoke. I told him about my dream, took the form, filled it and the rest is what you’ll know as you read.
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HELP! I Can’t Let Go……

let go1

When I asked for help…

Or Rhema from my hair change!

I didn’t want to discourage the brothers from reading this post, so I chose a better ‘accommodating’ title, as stated above.

When I was leaving the UK, it was hard carrying all my belongings that I had acquired throughout my stay. The baggage allowance of the flight was limited. So I had to give some things away to charity and friends. But there were two sets of hair moisturizing conditioners, which I vehemently refused to leave behind. They were 1 liter each. The truth is, there was no space for these conditioners, but I was not having it; they had to come with me. I loved this conditioner because it had this stingy, menthol like feeling when I applied it to my head; and I love that feeling. Continue reading

After You’ve Prayed, What Next?

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

Did you say faith? Or answers to your prayers? Thanksgiving? Continuous prayer? Incorrect! [for today’s post] Find the correct answer below…..

Last Saturday, I went to study in the library not too far from my home, it had just started snowing [little icy rain] so I presumed it was not going to gat any worse. I did not even check the weather forecast [I have just given up on checking weather forecast these days, I just make sure I am wearing very warm clothes and the proper boots]. As I sat in the library, I looked out the window and behold, the snow was quite heavy; it was not drops anymore. This time there were large chunks. I thought to myself that leaving the library now would make no sense, so I decided to pray:

“Lord, please let the snow stop when it’s time for me to go home. But if you won’t stop it [won’t because I know you can], please make a way for me to get home safely and swiftly. Amen!” Continue reading