Full [Fool] Already?

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I woke up three mornings ago, and the first thought that popped up in my head was: I definitely did not prepare for this. In those split seconds of that thought, I was thinking of how it happened that the weather changed all of a sudden. Yes! It is colder now, but I am still struggling to get a full grasp of how the sun has suddenly taken the function of lighting rather than heat. No exaggerations! True fact.

While I had this thought, that morning, I have had this post budding within me for the past one week, but I have been so exhausted. A lot just seems to be happening, and time is not at a stand still either, so I have decided to do better with my blogging; manage my time rightly and take on less responsibilities.

Oh! And did I miss out this information: My birthday is this week, Wednesday, 7th October, precisely. I am so excited. I do not know why. I am just excited and thankful to God for growth. I am entering into a new year where I am just marveled at how God’s realness has changed my life, that I am just not worried about a thing. I am just full of gratitude. Please pray for me, I am very expectant for this new year, not just expectant for my desires, but expectant in doing purpose and being a vessel for His glory.

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Help! I can’t hear Him speak…. (2)

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Hello PT!

Here is Part 1

I have a confession: I really struggled to put up the last post, for so many reasons, but I will mention a few. I felt all over the place with my words, I kept telling myself: ‘I hope these words make sense’. Then, I was thinking; Is this post even necessary?

But, I put up the post, anyway. I am learning how to shut my raging emotions, especially when it’s not time to be logical- when it’s time to be obedient to God. So, cheers to shutting our thoughts/emotions up, and subjecting them to obeying the instructions of God.

We considered some factors that could prevent us from hearing from God, in the course of pondering on this ‘series’, I remembered another one… Continue reading

After You’ve Prayed, What Next?

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Did you say faith? Or answers to your prayers? Thanksgiving? Continuous prayer? Incorrect! [for today’s post] Find the correct answer below…..

Last Saturday, I went to study in the library not too far from my home, it had just started snowing [little icy rain] so I presumed it was not going to gat any worse. I did not even check the weather forecast [I have just given up on checking weather forecast these days, I just make sure I am wearing very warm clothes and the proper boots]. As I sat in the library, I looked out the window and behold, the snow was quite heavy; it was not drops anymore. This time there were large chunks. I thought to myself that leaving the library now would make no sense, so I decided to pray:

“Lord, please let the snow stop when it’s time for me to go home. But if you won’t stop it [won’t because I know you can], please make a way for me to get home safely and swiftly. Amen!” Continue reading