Help! I can’t hear Him speak…. (2)

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Hello PT!

Here is Part 1

I have a confession: I really struggled to put up the last post, for so many reasons, but I will mention a few. I felt all over the place with my words, I kept telling myself: ‘I hope these words make sense’. Then, I was thinking; Is this post even necessary?

But, I put up the post, anyway. I am learning how to shut my raging emotions, especially when it’s not time to be logical- when it’s time to be obedient to God. So, cheers to shutting our thoughts/emotions up, and subjecting them to obeying the instructions of God.

We considered some factors that could prevent us from hearing from God, in the course of pondering on this ‘series’, I remembered another one… Continue reading

LET’S TALK/GUEST EXCLUSIVE: Once saved, always saved?! (1b)

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Source- Google!

Beautiful People!

Welcome to the second part of the series: ‘Once saved, always saved’. Please if you have not read the first part, it is imperative that you do so, in order to get an accurate understanding of this topic. You can read part 1a here.

As stated in the previous post, Frances Okoro of is doing the honours with a comprehensive breakdown study.

Here is the concluding part of her write up: Continue reading