WIGTW: Abstaining from Sex Until Marriage. Why?


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WIGTW is the abbreviation for When I Got This Wrong

Since I started blogging, I think I have touched on the sex subject, only once. Find the post, here. Most of us [Christians], shy away from this topic. I believe that keeping silent about sex in the church is dangerous, and over flogging it, has its own disadvantages, as other branches or ties of sex are then swept under the carpet. However, I am no expert, but I am no novice either. Not having knowledge or having the wrong understanding leads to destruction. So, I am pro having moderate and accurate knowledge of sex as youths, and it’s better learned from home first and the church, in that order.

Where the church is silent, the world fills the vacuum.

But before we go further into today’s post, I will like to state a few things [mantras]: Continue reading