Random: Nuggets of Wisdom!

Source- Google!

Source- Google!

Hello Amazing People!

Happy New Month to you! Wow! It’s the tenth month already. October is a very special month. In just a few sentences, let me tell you why this month is different…..It is my birth month. And I’m a Nigerian, we celebrate our independence in this month as well. 1st day precisely. Happy Independence my Nigerian Readers….Yeah! For these reasons alone, October is special. It is my prayer that in this new month the Lord will cause everything that has defied His existence in our lives, to align to His purpose and bring glory to His name. In Jesus name. Amen.

So I just had a thought, that it has been a long time I made a ‘random thought post’ since the last one.

Side thought: So I was just thinking maybe at the beginning of every month, I should do a ‘random thought’ post, recapping the lessons of the previous month. So I will work on this. Tell me what you think about this as well…

So let’s dig in to the wisdom nuggets….. Continue reading